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    For me it has to be the GW landspeeder
    Ah, yes, that thing is a real pain, it\'s just the two pieces of the main body really, the rest of it are alright. Hopefully we\'ll get a new one with 4th ed 40k

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    I\'ve got the black dragon, but I don\'t think it was that badly cast. I seem to remember the worst bit was the join between the neck and the body. I don\'t think the wings were any worse than most dragons I have put together.

    The only problem I had with the Bridge of Sorrows was that the wyvern is balanced only on it\'s tail. So is prone to collapsing. I solved this by building up the back of the tail where it joins the bridge with solder.

    I would say the worst one I\'ve had was Ral Partha\'s \"The Conflict\". It was very difficult to assemble and once I had painted it, I came into the lounge one morning to find that the model had collapsed under its own weight and the tail of one dragon was sheared off. I had to completely rebuild the base to better support the models and salvage what I could of the damaged areas.

    Worst casting has got to go to the two thunderbolt mountain minis that I have bought. They are both badly miss cast.



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    [quote]Originally posted by finn18
    The \'Bridge of Sorrows\', they were all parts from a different bridge, right? :D

    Yes I think all the pieces went to different bridges TOO Funny! They don\'t match up thats for sure.

    This black Dragon sounds like something to stay far far away from too. ROFL

    @ Kat I actually saw that Ral Partha Conflict display model fall apart right at the display stand once.. I can only imagine how tough that was to put togethor..

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    Yeah, they did two versions of the Conflict, one was all metal (which I bought) the other had plastic wings. I would imagine the latter was far more stable than the the former. :rolleyes:



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    I\'ll second KingM\'s nomination. The fell beast I got leaves gaps of about 5mm between the plastic wings and the metal main body. (mentioned on the mini-painter yahoo group before)
    When my website will be online, I\'ll include a photo of the fellbeast before priming. There will also be some reviews of miniatures and related stuff. Kat\'s idea of people submitting own reviews is a good idea I think. But alas, my site isn\'t online yet due to spending the last week having the flu.
    Oh, a second mini I\'m having troubles with assembling is Rackham\'s Shanys l\'ombre, but that\'s more my own fault than the casting I guess: I can\'t seem to figure out where the last part should be put on... aarrgh ??? a well enough out of me for now.
    At the moment I think the Black Dragon is the winner!


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    Originally posted by finn18
    But I am sure that Andy from Heresy would admit that the original Netherlord provided, \'a challenge to the skilled modeller\':D

    It has of course now been completely re-modelled:bouncy:
    And I\'ll second this, I swear my Netherlord has more greenstuff than metal on it. It was definitely a challenge.

    Second place has to go to GW\'s plastic Chaos Knights. Those guys are a pain to get to rank up properly.

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    Default I feel a bit guilty now...

    The original netherlord was a major modelling challenge..but..I enjoyed making it. The main reason I suppose was because it represented such fantastic value. If you are getting a bargain, you don\'t mind expending a bit of time and effort...

    The Baneblade was a different thing entirely though...I bought that thing 4 years before the Netherlord and paid approximately 4 times the amount. I then had to do 4 times the work.

    All credit to Heresy, \'Yah Boo Sucks\' to Forge world:D

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    Default ummm yeah

    you all have any pics of the finished product?

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    Which ones? The Conflict and the black dragon are both in my gallery. :D



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    Default provoke_me, here\'s what to do....

    On the CMON opening page click on the Browse Gallery link in the top right hand corner.
    Enter netherlord in the Search Description box and click go or hit return.:bouncy:

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    Default smaller figures?

    I see everyone is posting suggestions about poor-fitting sculpts, but they\'re all large figures, vehicles, or scenery. Aren\'t there any normal 25-50 mm figs out there that are difficult? Is it just a matter of scale, so that all figures might have a 5% gap but that 5% translates into 4+ mm? Is it just that glue can fill the gaps in the smaller figures, even if they do fit poorly?

    For me, the Heresy hideous dungeon troll was quite a problem. Green stuffed every joint.


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    its a valid point and i believe there is a hint of truth in what you say.

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    Originally posted by hagness
    For me, the Heresy hideous dungeon troll was quite a problem. Green stuffed every joint.
    The original Displacer Beast from WotC was pretty bad. It had a split right up the middle of the body, and the two parts don\'t fit together very well... It\'s a very skinny, light model that fits on a horse base.

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    Well, for a start, smaller figures have less parts. So theres less chance of stuff going wrong. Having said that, Rackham quality seems to vary even within the same model. I\'ve had some bad casts with the wolfen models but other people have had no problems with the same ones.



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    Default Well...

    A lot of Rackham minis are dificult to fit together because they tend to be very spindly..is that a word that conveys the difficulty? I don\'t mind this however because they are cheap and one expects the odd challenge. What I really object to is spending a weeks wages on a model that that I then have to spend a week adapting:mad:

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    Default Displacer Beast

    I think the worst fitting model I came across was WotC\'s displacer beast. Whoever came up with the idea of how to make the mold on that one should be shot, hanged, then burned.

    So, this six-legged kitty cat with tentacles on it\'s shoulders was split straight down the middle, so that you had a right half and a left half. There was absolutely no way of getting the face to resemble pretty much anything, since they cut that in half, too.

    After messing with it for a couple of days, I just simply chucked him.

    (Oh, and BTW: 100th post for me! Yay!)

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    Default How about these ones...

    First off, I love Ral Partha\'s Bridge of Sorrow, I would love to get one even though it sounds like a royal pain in the butt to assemble.

    My stuggles have included the GW LOTR Balrog ( the wings don\'t fit without pinning and greenstuff ) and the GW LOTR Cave Troll ( the body falls apart without at least two pins, guess that is common sence right? ) I do hope to do the GW LOTR Fellbeast soon, thanks for the warnings, I guess I\'ll get a bunch of greenstuff along with it so I am prepared!!!!

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    hmm... i guess i should have chosen a more appropriate name for this thread....like warning these minis are not for the faint hearted!


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    I like Rackham, they have always fit for me. The worst model is the Gyrocopter.

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