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    I've gotten some Chaos Marines from clients as partial payment for some painting commissions, so I thought I'd have an interesting go at a side army. I love the Flesh Tearer colors, and I've always liked their background. They really seemed to 'fit' into the setting, I suppose because their situation seemed the logical outcome for the kind of tampering the Imperium has done to the space marines.

    The basis of this army is the idea that some or all of the Flesh Tearers turned to Chaos - they said "Screw the Emperor, we served him and now we're dying and hunted, but this Khorne guy actually wants our violence." Or something like that. It would proabably involve more grunts and howls, and fewer words, but you get the idea.

    Anyways, since I have normal Chaos Marines, and I can't really stand the Khorne Berzerker models these days (not bad sculpts, I just see them too much), I'm going to give three boxes of these guys CC weapons and Pistols, using bits from loyalist marines, and field them as berserk Fleash Tearer tactical squads. A Squad of kit-bashed assault marines to make some raptors and some armoured transport, and I'll have a right expensive but, hopefully, strong melee army.

    I'm going to use standard Flesh Tearer colors - red body, black shoulders, backpack and helmet - and the codex squad markings on the right shoulder will be kept as normal. I didn't fancy drawing that buzzsaw on fourty models freehand, so I'm going to put pads with the chaos star on all the left sides and just say that the marines defaced their holy chaper symbol with the image of chaos as their first step of going renegade.

    This is the list I've got set up:

    1x Chaos Lord - Mark of Khorne, Daemon Weapon and Plasma Pistol

    9x Khorne Berzerkers (crazy Flesh Tearer Tac Marines) - Two plasma pistols, Skull champion with Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol and Meltabombs

    10x Khorne Berzerkers (crazy Flesh Tearer Tac Marines) - Two plasma pistols, Skull champion with Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol and Meltabombs

    10x Khorne Berzerkers (crazy Flesh Tearer Tac Marines) - Two plasma pistols, Skull champion with Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol and Meltabombs

    5x Raptors - Mark of Khorne, two Meltaguns

    3x Land Raiders - Daemonic Possession, Havoc Launchers

    2x Chaos Spawn

    The general strategy is that the Berzerkers go in the Land Raiders, and charge across the battlefield in the shortest possible route to melee. The tanks can keep going with their daemonic possession in very heavy fire, and the loss of BS is made up for some by the twin-linked weapons. Once their payload is gone, the Raiders support the infantry by eiher destroying armour, or using the Havoc Launchers to thin large enemy squads. The Raptors are there simply to get behind enemy armour or bunkers and turn it into slag. Since they don't lose their postols to take assault weapons, these dudes still have 4 attacks on the charge, so they can do some personal business if the need arises as well.

    I hope you guys find this interesting. Let me know what you think, and ideas for improvement are always welcomed. I particularly could use ideas for modelling and converting these guys to look like renegades, and thoughts about the list would be nice as well.

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    Get fists on those Skull Champs so you can tear down monstrous creatures, walkers and tanks. Your Berserkers throw out enough attacks at init to make a dent. Plasam pistols in the squads just tends to be a waste and you often don't want to shoot anyway as the squad shot may run or remove models so as to be out of assault range. Drop the plasma pistols.

    The lord w/ Bloodfeeder is very meh. Definitely drop the Plasma Pistol as you may get 1 shot off and its not worth the points. Consider sticking him on a juggernaut if you are going to play Lord roulette. Otherwise just go with the winged DP and hug the raiders for cover.

    Raptors are subpar all around. Too bad too since they are neat models.

    Chaos Spawn are also very bleh. Scratch them and use the saved points from the other cuts to pick up some firepower support in the form of Havocs or Oblits With 3 land raiders, it makes for a hard choice- shoot the LRs bearing down on me or the things lighting me up.

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    drop two Landraiders get Rhinos for you Berzerkers and maybe a Predator add some Dreads with CC arms to support the Berzerkers, get some CC terminators and put them in your Landraider and assault whenever possible, don't forget your smoke launchers

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