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    I am soon to start sculpting a mini from scratch. This being my 1st attempt i was wandering if any1 has any vital advice for starting. Also can anyone tell me something easy to start on? :rolleyes:


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    Actually, you might want to start with a base of some kind, just to get a feel for the material you\'re working with. If you\'re feeling more ambitious, maybe try some sort of flattish creature. :)

    For something larger and more dynamic, you\'ll need an armature. Try out some different kinds of thin wire and see what works for you. It needs to be thin enough to bend easy, but thick enough that sculpting won\'t bend it out of shape.

    Use lots of lube on the putty (I like to use lip balm).

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    Default ahhhhhhh!

    Just so long as _somebody_ posts it. :)

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    I wrote an article on how to sculpt a WotC style Shrieker mushroom:

    I\'ve done some, and they\'ve all been pretty simple. I\'ve uploaded most of mine: =Temperance

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