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Thread: Minis, fresh from your gaming table...

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    The Role-playing end of the Forum doesn't get a lot of love, so here's a new thread, let's see if it tickles your interest.

    The intention is to post pictures of any minis you've used in recent games. Doesn't matter if they've just appeared in your WIP thread or a Gallery submission, unpainted or a cigarette butt that stood in for a Bedlington Terrier - yes, it's still in one of my cases after umpteen years Mobile phone photo of in game action or careful studio shot, whatever you've got

    I've been meaning to post a pic of the party from my most recent game for ages but they're not all mine & I'm tired at the end of the game & forget to bring them home so it never quite happened.

    I'll kick things off with some of the party figures from the campaign that just ended & a couple I put together for the game I run, monsters from the last chapter...

    A GW LotR Ranger who was party member Dan (Dances With Otters) an Elven Rogue with a propensity for befriending shortly before stabbing, not the smartest bunny & often manipulated by party member brother Munden the sorcerer (who had intimate relations with a demon... and enjoyed it! ). He was painted for the game...

    My character, Beruk, dwarven cleric of Berronar. A wheezing, pipe smoking, 8 strength & 12 constitution dwarf who scraped by with an initial high score of 14 Wisdom. He survived to 10th level, after various 18 stat wielding characters had fallen too (not sure I should be so chirpy about that actually ). Painted when I was 19 or so going by the colour scheme, a GW Dwarf Hero c.1985...

    The party wolves...

    A GW (Ral Partha) 1976 Wolf painted way back when by the Ice-Cream Man, his Goblin rider is safely stashed in a case. This was Sack, a wolf cub slung into a sack after the pack attacked the party (possibly because we'd adventured into the ice cave they were wintering in) & adopted by Munden. The bigger one is a GW pre-slotta, his spear wielding goblin rider is also safely stashed. I painted him when young but think that there's a coat of Citadel colour over the original humbrol metallic enamel! He was the animal companion of the party ranger.

    A skeletal centaur, GW plastic horse & Heroquest torso. Put together to represent the desecrated corpse of a young centaur's father that the party were helping to find his missing parent. Ohhh, shame Nasty Gnoll clerics presented an appropriate challenge...

    To finish off this post, a Mohrg, an animated corpse of a mass murderer who died without atoning for their sins, according to the book. I had a hidden sub-cellar in a ruined trade-roadside tavern that had long ago been overun by nasties from the West, the youths & oldsters secured below by the overconfident heroes withered & were finally slain by a maddened matron. There was a ghost & a couple of Allips too (children driven to suicide by the broken nanny). Anyhow, the Mohrg was cobbled together from another Heroquest skeleton with Green Stuff to represent the "writhing viscera" & long paralysing tongue...

    So come on CMON, show us what's been on the table this month...

    Cheers B.
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