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    Default A shedload of new stuff

    I've been painting, but most of the stuff I just don't feel confident enough to post as a CMoN submission...

    But, here's some new stuff that I will put up, and a few more that I just want to share.





    And just some others to share, but please, comments are important!

    This is an ALpha Forge mini, I made the cornstalks from paperclips and paper...

    This is that goofy 'slither lady' I sculpted:

    And finally, An East Riding Miniatures, Jim Bowen sculpt:

    WHew!! That's alot of painting for a guy that sometimes goes months between paintjobs!!

    What do you think???

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    love what you've done with the top west wind guy ..... suits him well.. maybe just continuing that cheek highlight round under his eye to pull out the shape of his face more would just give it a little more pop but great stuff...

    The second guy is also great .. I'm not usually a fan of this kind of model but he looks sound although there's some funky pixellating going on with the pic.. Also I always like to see the areas where pipes and wires go into flesh reddened up a little bit or bruised with a bit of thinned purple.. not much just a little....

    The idea of that vampire sculpt I love but it does miss a little bit... one thing for me that could really lift it is a little trickle of bright red coming fom the bite area .. agan not uber gore but just a little shock of bright glossy red trickling down and to give the eye something to catch it......

    Pigskinman my favourte comfy chair sculpt ... (haven't checked their site for ages how they doing ??? .. as with most people out there just another level or two up very finely on the basic muscle group shapes will liftit a bit....

    on the guy in the corn I think the general paint is a bit below the others but also not helped by what looks like a not very well defined sculpt.. Have to say though them there corn storks have come out fan freakin tastic .. gonna have to learn more about that particular technique .. love it.. the blood on the spade is very well done and the lumber shirt pattern also cool.. unfortunately the poor face lets the whole piece down...

    slither lady has freaked me out .. should be above the counter of every fast food joint saying buyers beware... bit of slime on her would be cool..

    the bottom sculpt is just not doing anythig for me and the phrase can't polish a turd applies a little meaning the best painer in the world couldn't get me to like it..The paint looks lke it's been applied a little thick and a little dry on that one and has caused graininess.

    In general I think just lifting the highlight a notch or two would really help.. not talking any major lengthpainting either just little fine spots to pick out the key shapes on folds of cloth armour shapes faces muscle etc. only applying the highlight where needed...

    Great to see some work from ya Jim....

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    gotta agree with what he said, although i dont mind the last guy. not sure why, he's not the best sculpt but for some reason i like him! i love that ape dude. although is that a mouldline on his left arm that i see? ack maybe have a warmer/more realistic skintone on the woman to contrast with the vampire? slither lady still needs to be bigger! love the veins

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    I like the weathering on the first guy backpack.
    Like the monochromatic vampire too, but her nipples look odd, I think they need to be darker.

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    Good stuf.
    I really like the vampire. I also love the pig head one, I think you very well paited his head and the blood effects.
    I alsorelly like the two first guys:the star on the first one is very good and i like the skin of the second one.
    I dont really like the guy with the shovel and the girl you've sculpted is a bit too strange for me.

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    That Slither Lady is a grotesque idea, love it, making my putty fingers twitch as I tweak the idea to my own POV Is the rear too disgusting to post?

    The Vampire love is an interesting experiment & I like the flesh colour for the biter. I'd like to see some pinker tones on the woman though, as though she's still got some blood left in her, at the moment she looks a little too much like a rictus hypothermic corpse. Cloak is nice but perhaps a touch of dark colour on the base to help keep the cloak outline clear?

    The chap with the bat & pistol got an 8 from me, the rest 7s (possibly a 6 for Doug). A nice batch of work, thanks for sharing B.

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    Wow you've done some painting!

    I don't feel it would be appropriate to offer any form of criticism, just - now do more!

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    I am with Donga, What a butt ton of work all much more than I can claim Vikey...the first one is my favorite of the batch love the mid chest star and the tone of green you used.

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    The first one is my favourite too! And I like the moody vampire piece much as well. Great job all round.

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    Some cool stuff there, but the first one is spot on!

    Like the vampire and Pig-Head too.

    Top stuff!

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    Attaboy Jim! My fav is Slugger Murphy. Love those Incursion dudes!

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    Thanks for the comments guys!

    I may give that vampire the 'dip' and try it again.

    Of course, now I remember why I don't post things to the gallery any more....I could barely scrape a 7 with the Incursion guy, and the poor vampire is just a smidge above tabletop. Not that I mind really, but it is an exercise in futility it seems.

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    Who makes the top figure?

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    Before scrubbing the vamp Vike, it'd be nice to see you pop just some tints/glazes of pink/red over the woman, just quickly to give some colour difference on the nips & lips, see if it goes on okay? I like the way the cloak works already & the vamp is very nice. Keep the intense red of his eye as the most saturated (?) colour point. A Devlan Mud wash over the base might do the trick, just something to hint at the difference between the fabric of the cloak & the dirt on the ground without relying entirely on the sculpt. Then just a bit of neatening on the hair, there are some grey areas of shadow that are hard to distinguish from cloak & suggest sloppiness (rather than shadow, which I completely understand was the intention ), perhaps a hint of yellow to the highlights to emphasise the moonlight? There is a paintjob in the Wheeler Wolfen thread with blue skin that comes up to yellow (beige) that might be worth a look.

    I think it's an interesting practice piece that doesn't need much work to bump it up to "really rather lovely" status

    Cheers, B.

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    @ Scott....Grindhouse Games


    @BPI...cheers! I'll go check out that Wolfen thread!

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    love your mini choices. with your paint they have a great feel. yhe only one im not a huge fan of is the vampire. the cornstalks came out great BTW.
    im going to have to look up this east riding miniatures company...

    edit: why no links for the last few?
    Last edited by funnymouth; 11-27-2009 at 04:12 PM.

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    I didn't put those last few in my gallery....I mean, really, how many 5's does a guy need? LOL.

    The Jim Bowen stuff from East Riding Miniatures is very cool.


    AND dirt cheap. There are some great minis in there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    I didn't put those last few in my gallery....I mean, really, how many 5's does a guy need? LOL.
    if i stopped posting unpopular minis, id never post a thing. ive long since given up on CMON scoring. stuff i hate does great, stuff i love bombs, whatever. i post 'em anyhow for ...posterity.

    you should post them. i enjoy looking at em, and who knows what might inspire someone in the future.

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    THey all look pretty good. In contrast to most, I really like that last one, it's like a cartoon version of the Matrix.
    What I don't really like here is the way you're photoshoping the back grounds. My photos suck, but you're not helping these with that hard eged cut and paste background. I reckon they'd look much better just photographed against a nuetral background Vike.
    Anyhow, cool to see you painting, any more alpha forge stuff to come in the near future?

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    Yeah, i think you are right on about the photoshop....

    I do have a bunch more Alpha Forge in the works...hopefully I'll get to them sooner rather than later.

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