War for Maccrage 745.M.41, 300 pics WIP !
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Thread: War for Maccrage 745.M.41, 300 pics WIP !

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    Default War for Macragge 745.M.41, 300 pics WIP !

    This is the project I take to UKGD this year. It took bronze in Duel Category just behind Nigel’s incredible Giants fight. I wrote a Step by Step from A to Z about it, including near 300 pictures.

    You can find it here. Be carefull, it’s huge to load ^^


    The real interest of making this mini was to succeed using a Carnifex for the Duel category, and more on the very small 50mm square base. I also wanted to do a more "Western like Duel" were the two fighters just look eyes into eyes before the battle.

    UK Golden Demon 2009 have been again a very nice moment to pass.

    Best of all was again the pleasure to met new people and well known people on stage, backstage and before D day.

    Show was again very interesting, with minis like the Clockmaker, Giants duel, Tue Kaae Eldar “Ninja” Dreadnought, Rune LOTR entry and so more that it would be too long to write it all.

    See you all I hope in 2010 !

    And the pics :



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    Looked great on the day, looks great in pictures.

    Great work.

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    Enfin des vrais bonnes photos de ton duel (mieux que les GW). Un excellent pas à pas pour des figs splendides. T'as vraiment un sacré talent, bravo pour le bronze même si je pense que ça méritait mieux.
    English version: Finally good pics of your duel (better than GW's ones). A excellent step by step for amazing minis. You're so talented, congrats for the bronze though it could have won better.

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    Excellent step-by-step article, Julien! I have only read the construction part, so far, as that is what interests me the most. I'll read the rest later, though. Thanks for taking the time to do this and for sharing it!
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    this is simply amazing man ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i m shocked ~!

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    Your Tutorial is among the best I have seen so far and you can REALLY be proud of yourself not necessarily for winning another Demon, but to have done this documentary about your Project... It is perfectly illustrated and I am SURE people will learn a LOT from that...

    Thank you, man......

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    Yes!! I finally get to see the whole Article in English! great! Thank You so much Julien for documenting this epic project and also to Mathieu for Translating it

    It was funny you telling me that you were going to Lock yourself away in your appartment after the Ravage Mix, and not leave until you had to go to the UK... Lucky you got it all done. it looked amazing when I saw it finished in the UK! It really is something special! thanks for sharing.

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    The painting is astounding, some of the best blending I've seen. I adore the piece I really do.

    My one thought upon seeing it however was 'Why is he pointing at it instead of shooting it in the face!' I just had visions of him shouting 'Look boys, a Carnifex!'

    Please don't let that take away from how stunning I find the piece

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    Ok. That is it. I quit painting. lol

    Great job by the way.

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    i will go through this tutorial with magnifying glass, great stuff!

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    Great painting and thanks so much for the tutorial!

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    Looks great. Congrats on the award!

    I've chosen my side.

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    good work sir! thanks for taking the effort to record your doings

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    Incredibly gorgeous and generous to put so much time into sharing the process. The amount of time to document and explain the step-by-step should be awarded too. New category to compete in maybe?

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    Impressive! Thank you for the tutorial and congratz on your demon!

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    Painting haxx!:O
    Lovely work, and I'm not going to open your tutorial quite yet. My computer might blow up, it had a hard time opening this thread (my comp sucks).
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    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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    I don't understand how this masterpiece could only take bronze, by the way thanks for the massive tutorial.

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    Def worthy of more than a bronze award in my opp. Just spent ages reading though the whole tutorial. Thanks ever so much for taking the time to make it and post it up for us to look at. Awesome stuff!

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    Thank you for the time and the pictures it is a wonderful project and the results are stunning.
    I understood all of the tutorial except for the very last title plate you created. You printed it on the plastic ...did you spray the plastic black first and use a printer for the letters? The final look is beautiful but I am rather confused as too the process and would appreciate any help you could offer.
    Again thanks for all your information,You're a giver

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    You print the writing on a mirrored setting on the printer, so when you turn the sheet over you can read the writing as normal. You then spray the gold on the primed side (ontop of the black) so from the other side you have the layer of black, then the gold behind.

    Someone will no doubt throw up a tutorial now, but thats the basics..

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