Kingdom Death / Preacher miniature Now Available!
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Thread: Kingdom Death / Preacher miniature Now Available!

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    Default Kingdom Death / Preacher miniature Now Available!

    The Preacher! A playable character class in the Kingdom Death world.
    Sculpted by the talented Raul Garcia Lattore, who's sense of subtle weight and fabric layering just blows my mind constantly.

    Also, we are extremely thank full he agreed to do some work with us!

    From our website:
    Standing over his fallen companions hoarsely crying devotions over the screams of battle. As terror extinguishes hope, the questionable dogmas begin to make sense, inspiring the wretched to feats of reckless strength and steadfastness.

    Read more on our updated website:

    Now Some photos!


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    The sculpt is super but it looks like you have some casting issues to sort out!


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    Love it! And bought it!

    I wish I'd seen the other two before they sold out. Are you re-releasing them in the new year?

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