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    Default WHFB - AWSOME HUGE Ogre army

    I am about to move into a new house, so I am forced to sell my beloved Ogre Kingdom army :cry: :cry: :cry:

    With this army I have won twice best painted army; once most characteristic army; once best army overall.

    The army is more or less 4500 pts plus equipment.
    The miniatures are (if I am not mistaking, but the pictures can be more of help)
    1 Tirant
    1 Bruiser BSB
    3 Master Slaughteres/Butchers (1 is Skaag, which can be placed on a chariot base with the couldron)
    2 hunters (only one tiger, though)

    16 IronGuts
    8 Bulls
    3 LeadBelchers (+1 bull which can be converted to hold a cannon)
    40 gnoblar fighters
    8 gnoblar trappers

    2 Scraplaunchers (scratchbuilt and very characteristic)
    3 Bull Rhinox Riders (the models are almost twice as the ForgeWorld models)
    3 Samurai style Maneaters
    3 Imperial style Maneaters (scratchbuilt).

    I had a blog on the OgreStronghold forum: you can read all about it here

    The army appeared also on the most famous Italian E-Zine (Orco nero): it's in Italian, but you get the idea. Go to (page 14)

    ALL (I repeat: ALL) the models are converted, and are very characterful. The army is modelled as if it just fought (and won) against an empire army, so you'll see things like a dead empire soldier under the Tirant's foot and two bulls fighting over a standard (with the bearer laying dead on the ground)

    You can see all the pictures you want, from the photobucket album

    Here is a shot of the full army (the black unit in the middle is now painted

    here are the 3 scratchsculpted maneaters , provided with display base: these won me a painting competition

    here are random pics of the units:
    bulls with butcher
    second Irongut unit with BSB
    2 of the 3 butchers
    1 of the 2 scrappa: the chopshop
    more Ironguts
    BullRhinoxRider 1
    Bull Rhinox Rider 2
    Bull Rhinox Rider 3: The Bull rhinox riders are not fully painted, but, if the buyer wishes, I can paint them, before shipping
    Samurai Maneaters
    gnoblar fighters (there is anther unit of 20, that is yet to be painted

    ALL the bases are magnetized and the regiment trays are in metal, so the miniatures are not going anywhere.

    If you're interested, PM me or send me an email at mesmanec @ sttspa.it
    If you wish to see more pics, ask me, and I'll do my best to accomodate your needs.

    if you have questions, issues, or whatnot, contact me.

    This whole lot, [u]including[/] the magnetazied trays, the transport box, and shipping, is 900,00 euros.

    The army is at my place, ATM, in Milan, Italy, so consider that there will be shipping costs; but I can ship WORLWIDE.

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