Archaon Conversion and Beelphegor.
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Thread: Archaon Conversion and Beelphegor.

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    Default Archaon Conversion and Beelphegor.

    Alright so here are some shots of what i've been working on lately.
    There is an archaon converted. Not really heavily converted, just swapped his head out :P

    And a Beelphegor(only cape shots at the moment)

    The colour scheme for the Archaon is a Red and Green one. I'm trying a new approach to painting, trying to get something similar to a "Games Workshop" style. More Cartoony. And i also am trying a new technique with Metallics. The armour in the photos has been finished( maybe, ill post some pics in a bit) and i've darkened it alot as i felt it was still too bright. The Fur has also been completed(once again ill post photos for some suggestions) The cape is pretty much done, but any suggestions will be considered

    (these two photos aren't of very good quality. I was trying out the zoom feature)

    The recpies:
    - The sword:

    Basecoat of Snot Green.
    Shade by adding Dark angels green.
    Pure DAG
    DAG plus a little Scab Red( a little red added makes a HUGE difference. just add a little)
    More Scab Red
    Maybe more Scab
    Add black to Previous Mix( a little goes a long way)
    Add more Black.
    Highlight with snot green(reinstating base coat)
    Add scorpion Green.
    Add enough scorpion green to have a 90:10 Ratio of Scorpion to Snot
    Add Rotting Flesh(50:50)
    More Rotting Flesh
    Add White(70:30 Rotting to White)
    Add more white(40:60 R to W)
    -The Cloak:
    Basecoat Mechrite Red
    Shade with Scab Red
    Add a little Dark angels Green
    Add a little more
    Add a little Black
    Add a little more black
    Fix up messyness with Scab Red
    Begin highlighting by adding Blood red to Scab Red(30:70 B to S)
    Add more Blood Red( 50:50)
    More blood red(80:20)
    Pure Blood Red.
    Wash area with Scab Red
    (The photo does not have the next steps in it)
    Wash Dark areas with Devlan Mud
    Then Devlan Mud + Badab Black
    Wash Badab Black
    Wash entire Area with Baal Red
    Basecoat is my own flesh mix. Which is Hormagaunt purple(10%) Kommando Khaki(40%)
    Fortress Grey(10%) Tallarn Flesh(30%) and i think i added a little Dwarf Flesh. I don't entirely remember:P
    Then to highlight, add Bleach bone
    Add more BB
    Then add Space wolves Grey
    Add more
    Then add White
    Shade by adding Dark Flesh to basecoat
    Then wash Shadows with Ogryn Flesh.

    I would like to point out at this point, i feel alot of people misuse the Washes. I mean, yes they use them as a WASH, however, i feel that to get a really nice effect from the Citadel Washes, you have to wipe your brush off, and concentrate on just shading the mini. Don't necessarily wash the ENTIRE area. I believe Mattsterbenz, describe using the washes this way in his Metallics Article.

    The gold:
    Shining gold +Calthan Brown
    Shade using dilute paint:
    Dwarf bronze plus shining Gold
    Dwarf Bronze
    Dwarf Bronze plus Tin Bitz(70:30)
    Dwarf Bronze Plus Tin Bitz(30:70)
    Tin Bitz
    (Thats the photo)
    I furthered the Shadows by using the washes and my technique explained above.
    Devlan mud, Then Badab Black
    Highlight with shining gold
    Then add burnished Gold
    Then pure Burnished Gold.
    (ill post new pictures after this of the armour, as i think it looks quite nice and would like some feedback on how to improve it)

    For The Beelphegor mini, you can't entirely see the whole thing, actually you can only see the cape. But i've decided to do this one in NMM. Which so far has proven to be a bad choice:P NMM Mail is probably the worst thing to paint in the world!
    Anyway, the Cape is painted with a basecoat of Liche Purple
    Shaded by adding Nauseating Blue.
    Then Prue Nauseating Blue
    Then a drop of codex grey and a drop of black(the grey is to desaturate it a bit)
    Add more black to this to shade further.
    The Highlight was done by adding Warlock Purple to Liche purple
    Then more Warlock up to Pure Warlock on the highest Parts.
    I then went back over the transition spots with liche purple. And then the Transitions into shadows with more Nauseating Blue.
    This model isn't done, and any advice on how to make him better is appreciated.

    Thanks Gary.

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    I do have Larger photos of the Face(which i think are nice as the face is done pretty decently) And i will post them up in a bit as well with the next batch.

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    Here are some more Photos.

    Sorry, i got picture happy.... :P

    Alright, well tell me what you think!


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    I know I don't have much to say in way of helping you but I wanted to thank you for all the explanation and time you put in to share! Looking forward to trying out what I can from this! It looks good. I especially like the work on the sword.

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    Thanks! No problem!

    Recipe for the Furi don't like the fur by the way)
    Calthan Brown BaseCoat
    Drybrush with Calthan Brown + Graveyard Earth
    Add Bleached Bone to Previous Mix(70:30 Previous to Bleached)
    Then about 70:30 Bleached to Previous
    Then i washed with Devlan Mud, Ogryn Flesh, Thraka Green and Badab Black.
    Devlan mud was EVERYWHERE, where as ogryn flesh and Thraka green were placed in places where i felt would compliment to the over all model. For instance around the neck area of the fur, i placed thraka green. I also put thraka green around the edges by the cape. I did this so as to break of the consistency of the Red Cloak. Its very lightly washed so it may not be Too Noticeable. The ogryn flesh was just placed wherever i felt like
    And black was only put in the darkest spots.

    And yes if you're wondering, the horse's tail has been removed. It kept getting in the way of my hand, and i kept breaking it off. So i decided to leave it off Till the mini was done.

    Alright, Cheerio!

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    You're right: the face is well done. The mantles of the two minis are good. The only bad thing is the bad pics.

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    Thanks alot for the compliment.

    And yah the pictures are pretty bad. I don't have my light box anymore, and i need to get a tripod. But i think they are ok atleast for showing some stuff.

    Thanks again, Gary.

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    Does anyone have any advice on how to paint the Mail?

    Thanks, Gary.

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    just wash the cr*p out of it with the GW washes

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    Thanks aapjeBOB0:P

    Anyways, here are some new pics.

    Heres a close up of the sword:

    So this time i've added some glowing stuff coming from inside the skulls, and on the shield. I've never done this before so i'm not entirely sure if i'm doing it right. Any help on that is appreciated as well. The recipe so far is the same as the sword minus the white and rotting flesh.

    The horse has mostly been painted.
    Charadon Granite
    Wash Thraka green (Alot. a nice green tint is what i was looking for)
    Wash Badab Black(wash this into the deep crevices)
    Highlight Charadon Granite
    Add Bleached Bone to previous mix(70:30 C to B)
    Add more Bleach Bone (30:70)
    Wash areas of transition with Thraka Green.

    Seriously though, I do need help with this Mail. I have a good recipe for the colours,[fortress grey, codex grey, black, bleached bone, white) i just can't seem to figure out how to blend them on the mail! it just doesn't work! :P

    Any advice on anything is appreciated!

    Cheerio! And thanks! Gary.

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    Good sword on Archaon and for the mail here are some exemples of nmm mails, I hope it'll be helpful:
    The two first ones are from Stephan Rath (derwish), the third one is by Natalya Melnik (Alexi Z) and the last one is from olivka.

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    Default Still seekign Advice!

    Thanks for the links Cheelfy, but not the kind of mail i was talking about. However thanks anyways, does show some spectacular mini's for inspiration. I was looking more or so for ring mail. aka Chain mail. the actual term for it i believe is just mail. so.. Thanks again though! I found a photo of Mattsterbenz's Sigvald. which has some NMM mail in it. However the links are bigger than on this figure, so his technique would have been much easier to pull off.

    I am still seeking advice on how to improve both minis.

    I am also working on two regiments of chaos warriors for my chaos army. I will post some pics of them when they are finished.

    Cheers, Gary.
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    Coupla posts late, but FREAKING AWESOME SWORD.
    Blasting forth in three part harmony!

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    Thanks Prophecy!

    Kind words.

    However, i still would like some advice on how to improve :P everyone telling me its a good sword and what not doesn't really help with that :P

    Thanks again though!


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    Man... I really want to buy that model just for the sword. I'd paint it blue with white highlights and a heavy glaze to make it look icy and use it on my Wolves as a Frost Sword.
    Blasting forth in three part harmony!

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    It does thanks!

    Now i just have to figure out how he did it! :P


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    You could try PMing the artist, asking for some tips, or direct them to this thread & ask them to post. Not something I've ever done but there's no harm in trying B.

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    Hey guys, just an update.

    I've decided to put the Beelphegor model off to the side for a bit. I have recently gone out and bought like 9 minis. So i may start doing them up in a bit.

    Here is an update on the Archaon, once again, critique is appreciated, i would quite like to know how to make him better!

    Cheers. Gary.

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    Default general wips

    So i just wanted to show what else i have on my table, so this could possibly just become my own wip thread.

    Here are some things im doing:
    Chaos warriors for my army


    converted nurgle champion

    high elf mages


    wood elf lord




    converted azrael


    base for archaon onversion

    and Mr. Happy!

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