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    I'm making some soft foam trays for transporting my battle hardened troops. These will fit my battle foam carrier.

    Comments, suggestions?

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    I've done this, your best bet is a three or four layer sandwich, depending on how much effort you want to put in, layer one, deep enough foam to complely cover the mini, layer two, a base layer of soft foam to cushion it, layer three, some stiff card to try and support it and layer four, a layer of felt or thin foam or something smilier to save on scratching the models in the tray below.
    Hmmm... I suppuse if the models are standing on thier bases rather then laying down, you could put the card as the second layer.


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    I'm currious too, is there a tutorial for this somewhere?

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    No tutorial that I've ever come across. I'm considering...

    On stiffness I've cast pressboard right into the foam base. So it's absolutetly rigid, while still having a healthy layer of soft foam at the bottom of the cell.
    I think I'll sculpt a 1/4" cover sheet, so when I stack them in my BF transport the pressboard won't come in contact with my precious little veterans. I'm not sure if felt is protective enough, don't you think it would abrade the minis over time?

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    No more so then foam, I imagine, but that really depends on the amount of contact each mini is having wiith the tray above it, which you control with the depth of the trays

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    I've done the foam thing myself. I did two layers--foam and particle board--and protected the paint by storing models in it base-side up. Minimal contact that way, plus no need to grab your paintjob with grubby fingers.

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    I mean I've done some trays myself about 2" thick with craft foam bottom(which is soft enough that it's not going to hurt the next layer, but rigid enough to serve as a bottom). I just super glued the pieces together. My edges don't look anywhere near that clean though. That's really what I'm getting at, how to cut clean straight edges.

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    Ahh.. For really neat edges you need to either use a super sharp knife or a hot knife and cut the foam under compression

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