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Thread: Archaon Conversion and Beelphegor.

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    Most, if not all, of these models will be for sale. So if anyone is interested, when they are done being painted, contact me if you would like to buy them.

    Cheers, Gary

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    Heres an update.

    got alot of work done on the base. The idea was that he was on a road and his chaos powers started cracking it open, and this guy is running away from him. However the rider is more focused on what lies ahead, but the horse would rather eat the little man. Something like that! lol

    Any comments, advice, critique. its all appreciated!!!

    cheers, Gary.

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    Love the terrified villager legging it for all he's worth

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    i think the little diorama-base would benefit of some height, the Archaon mini is more or less sculped to stand on a cliff imo but i like your idea

    oh, and i really like mr happy

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    Very good base, great idea.

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