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    so im coming up with an idea for us mini painters, but i needs your halps! if you very wonderful people of CMON could please find your minis that use slot bases (unpainted) and simply measure how thick the bar is that fits into the slot and let me know that measurement please? i only have access to GW minis and i know theres larger \ thicker bars out there. also if your mini has a peg like alot of the larger metal models from games workshop have if you could let me know sizes for those also. another thing that could be helpfull is the weight of the mini! all help is appreciated in this!

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    why the hell do you want to know this?!! surely if it fits in the doesnt matter?!

    i have a hasslefree not-shawn of the dead (cant remember the name) bar is about (i am guessing using a ruler~) 1.3mm thick,2.5mm down and 15mm across. god knows the weight

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    i need to know this as what i plan on making needs to be one size fits all. The thickest bars and thinnest have to be able to work with what i plan on making, same goes for the pegs.

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    I am looking for a ruler that I can use...I have plenty of tape measures but let me keep digging I'll get back with you

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    Looked at a Rackham, all my GW, something else (don't know) and everything was 2mm. They were all similar sized figures, but I'd say there's your standard.
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    Well, this feels like something pretty difficult to actually get a good answer to... I have a few brands of bases being 40mm and larger and still being slottabases. there are a few privateer models out there that are like that if my memory serves me right.
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    Just grabbed a handful of mini's that I had on my desk. The thickeness of the tab was at minimum just over 1mm (plus embossed lettering) and just shy of 2mm (plus embossed lettering). Stubby post was 3mm diameter.

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    thanks for the help guys, going to try and get a sample prototype made up just to simply try the concept and wel'l see how that goes... hopefully i can get a good one made up and mayb even get a bunch made up and sell them? il'l keep you posted with progress

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    to be honest... i take the bar out from under ANY model i paint... even tabletop stuff and just glue them into a base (preferably without a slot)

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