What is you're favourite mini?
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Thread: What is you're favourite mini?

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    Default What is you're favourite mini?

    What is you're favourite mini and why?
    The one you enjoyed the most painting and the one painted by another person (post a link).
    The mini I enjoyed the most painting was Harry the hammer, fantastic sculpt by Ali Morrison, I painted it two years ago so it's quite bad standard but it's still my favourite in all the ones I painted.
    My favourite from someone else is the Dwarf Slayer ( http://coolminiornot.com/190034) from David Waeselynck who won the Slayer Sword in French GD 2008. It is a very good sculpt and a fantastic painting, amazing work on the skin and very good metals.
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    I really enjoyed painting the Gollum eating the fish from Brian Nelson and my favourite other mini is "Take care of the sea" from darkeden, the most realistic mini ever!!!!!

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    hard to point out one single mini hmm...
    but at least my fav other mini is by far rusto's amazing troll, i doubt that anything ever gonna beat that one!

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    Yeah, rusto's troll is very impressive.

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    probably the jmd demon

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    Probably my favourite paintjob is http://coolminiornot.com/82809

    I would show which one of mine I like best but it would seem my photobucket account was deactivated for lack of use. I will be buggered if I can't get it back up as I don't have most of the figures anymore.

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    My favorite piece I own is an old Ral Partha Cleric - he's holding up a cross in one hand and has the other hidden behind his back, holding a flail.
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    Epic Skarre - Pirate Queen, from Privateer Press.
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    The dwarfs were really fun to paint because of the camaraderie between Shawn and myself (he painted it mentally through my hands)
    Favorite produced for me are of the not so mini minis size-Pegaso's Fire, was hard painting but good learning I have another copy here someday I shall paint to keep.
    This man inspired me and is still my favorite painter
    http://coolminiornot.com/34191 by sivousplay
    This was the first mini that brought me fascination It went beyond
    the ordinary for me Jim inspired me and was the best mentor ever
    I loved his diorama from the CMON annual also

    top of my favourites list score wise is this masterpiece http://coolminiornot.com/158395 By karaikal the painting makes GW look good (drink)

    I second the choosing of banshee's mini alextheartiest the banner looks so velvety

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    No idea what my favorite MINI is but my favorite line to paint has to be hasslefree for it's.....well, ease to paint. Favorite line for scultps would be hard. A while ago it would have been gamezone even with the bad casts. But now there's so many new good comanies. Kingdom Death minis are really cool. I do love Dwarves of all types. I can't narrow it down.

    Now if you're talking about the one I had the most fun painting it would be this
    Mostly because it made me chuckle the whole time I was doing it. But I sculpted that one myself. BTW, it's not easy making a rock look like a rock.
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    I'd like to second the JMD Demon. I couldn't resist buying one. Really great cast too.


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    So much good minis (sculpt and painting), thank you for showing me some that I had never seen before.

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    If they are still there (my sig is being evil), my sig has a link to my favorites gallery.
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    My favourite mini is painted by Chrono: http://coolminiornot.com/234927
    I simply love it! It is what I wanted to achieve on my falcon, but I failed... hard compared to that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrEvilmonki View Post
    Probably my favourite paintjob is http://coolminiornot.com/82809
    hehehe i bought that off him for a very good price. he's a talented git

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