I am selling my Eldar army, yes, the one with the scratch built Revenant Titan and Vampire Hunter.

In case you don't know what I am talking about, you can follow the WIP here

The army is fully painted with extensive freehands and Object light source

Pictures of the whole army can be found here

The army is composed of the following:
Avatar (scratchbuilt, copied from the FW modell)


2 units of 10 Dire Avengers (including exarch)

10 jetbikes (all converted)

2 vypers (both converted)

6 Harlequins

6 Fire Dragons (including exarch)

1 Falcon[/URL]

that can be converted into a FirePrism

2 Wraithlords

This is the base army, but the deal is not over, since there's also the allmighty ]Reventant Titan

and the beautiful Vampire Hunter

Let me show you some features of the army, like the freehands on the jetbikes or the freehands on the Dire Avengers
and the OLS (Object light source) on the farseer
and the Dire Avenger Exarch but a lot of OSL can be seen the fire dragons, the Falcon, and the Wraithlords.

The whole army comes also with a Battlehive case, with 6 trays full of miniatures (the Revenant and the Vampire Hunter have a separate box).
The army is in Milano-Italy, but for buyers in Europe, the shipping costs are on me.

PM me