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    Well, we home in on the end of Eolith's first year. I have had a significant rise in my casting costs recently and will soon get another slight bump due to the VAT rates jumping in the new year. Alas, a few of my prices will need to rise a bit in January. Not a fan of this but needs must...


    Before we do all the doom and gloom of a price rise I thought I'd go right down the opposite direction and give you a last chance, not at the current prices but at sale prices. For the next two weeks, up until Thursday morning on the 17th December there's a site-wide sale on. I've put a significant discount on every figure on the site except the two new releases from a couple of weeks ago (as that would hardly be fair on the people who bought them so recently). So, if there was ever a time to try out Eolith's figures, it's now.www.eolithminiatures.com

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    Noted - and taken advantage of! (was just waiting for an excuse :P)

    Excellent minis, and can´t wait to se them in "the flesh" as it were.

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    I received my minis today - and they are brilliant - frankenstien is especially awesome!

    I highly recommend people taking advantage of your sale

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