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    The shield is very reminiscent of something Sebastian archer and Julien Casses would do. I've always liked their freehand shields with chipping and wear. Very nice, everything seems to be very well done. The only problem i have, is in my opinion, i think the armour on the elf needs to be shaded a little more. However it looks very nice as is. Thats just how i feel.

    None the less very well executed mini's! 9 for me on the elf

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    really really nice. metals are good, skin is great, and the shield on the elf is stunning. dont really like the base in base thing, but thats a personal thing so i didnt ding you for it. all in all quite impressive.

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    Hi Ritual, really nice work. Oddly enough the original green of that dwarf popped up in the Gallery for me shortly after voting on yours! A pleasantly uncluttered mini, I think you've really done it justice.

    It may just be jealousy at your having turned him out in a weekend but I'm less keen on the elf. Mainly the ugly face but also the red helmet tails, the colour just doesn't sit well with the purple to my eye (I've seen plenty of other people use purple with red before & not been keen). Oddly the slightly darker blood on the sword blade is fine while the more crimson droplets on the rock again lose it for me. Technically excellent as usual, just not to my tastes I guess!

    Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers B.

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    Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Yep, the shield design is inspired by Seb's dark elf.

    Funnily enough, the blood stains on the base are the same colour as on the sword. Must catch the light differently, being on a horisontal (more or less) surface.
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    Cheers Ritual, yes, angles, or perhaps the under colour of the rock? In the second photo down they do look quite different. Anyhow, doesn't matter, they're great pieces of work B.

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    Both ace as usual..

    I like the splash of colour on the DE especially.

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    Great work! the dwarf reminds me of "Popeye" is there spinach in his horn?

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    Two very good ones. My favourite is the elf, it has a great armour and I really like the shield with the freehand. The dwarf's skin is also very well painted.

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    both "10's" in my book. (tho my book only has one page...)

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