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    I have a pot of P3 rhulic gold and it is kinda clumpy. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

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    add water and stir well

    Gary. (possibly add flow improver if you want)

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    I've noticed that the gold based paints in the P3 range do that something chronic, you might want to try adding something to the pot to help as an agitator, stainless steel ball bearingss are good for that, failing that, as the man said, add some water (dionised or distilled) and stir like crazy.


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    What if I didn't know to use distilled water and already added water. What couls happen. I didn't know to use distilled water.

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    well, that really depends on what you've got in your local water, for me the local water is very high in calcium (plays hell with the taps) but potentially nothing, it's just a case of keeping things as pure as possible.
    Oh and try not to add too much water.


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    the only bad thing that could potentially happen is it doesn't get as smooth as you wanted it to be. Tap water tends to have chemicals in it that, when added to paint, make it uneven and splotchy(or chalky).

    Distilled water is pure and therefore makes everything nice

    Flow improver fixes almost everything.... :P

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    Most metallic paints clump and seperate alot because the metal particles in the paint do not disperse into the medium (water, oil, lacquer, whatever) as well as other types of pigment. Mixing thoroughly should help. It will probably take you much longer to thoroughly mix a metallic vs. a non-metallic paint. After mixing if you still have clumps you can strain it through a paint strainer or cheese-cloth, "pushing" the paint through with a craft stick. Be careful about trying to thin the paint with water too much. If you haven't mixed the metal particles back into the paint thoroughly, you'll just have a runnier batch of clumpy paint.
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    add some cut up chunks of metal sprue and shake VIGOROUSLY!!

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    I added copper BBs to all my paints at one time.


    They corrode....

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    I added copper BBs to all my paints at one time.


    They corrode....
    Ooops.. Anyone know if lead shot is safe to use as agiitators?

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    I have been using Silver Solder (98% tin/2% Silver). I just melt a blob 1/8" or so big, let it cool then clean it with some isopropyl to get the Rosin residue removed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugne View Post
    Ooops.. Anyone know if lead shot is safe to use as agiitators?
    not really, as lead is poisonous. If you are brushlicker then you should most definately get rid of the paints with lead shot in them.

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    as freak said, cut up a chunk of metal sprue and throw it in the pot. This helps tremendously. Distilled water is best to thin down acrylic. and a little bit of flow-aid/ flow improver also helps. Even just one tiny drop in an entire pot would help.

    Cheers, Gary.

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    Cool I am going to try the metal sprue and distilled water trick. Here is a good thing though P3 is reformulating all of there gold matalic paints because of this problem.

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    That's good news to hear.


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    Decent-sized glass beads make nice agitators too - and are completely non-toxic and inert (i.e., they won't corrode). I chucked two or three into most of my P3s, and I think they help.

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    If you want to use ball bearings make sure you get marine grade ones from a fishing tackle or boating store.... have had no problems with corrosion and they have been sitting in my paints for several years now.

    Nicely weighted bits of white metal offcuts from your models also make good agitators. Lead will be fine as far as corrosion is concerned but it will readily leech into your paints causing a health risk.

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