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    A coworker bought a copy of Ghost Stories but it came with two red pieces instead of a green piece. The solution? Repaint!

    The game is a cooperative four player game in which you protect a village from ghosts drawn out of a deck. There are minis for 4 players, 8 ghosts and 2 buddhas, so this shouldn't be a huge project.

    First off, the original figs are quite flexible and brightly colored. Not exactly the right mood for a game about ghosts...

    They are sized about like normal 28mm wargaming figs.

    Below is WIP, taken with a camera phone. I painted green dude (previously extra red dude) over the weekend, and we're working on the rest together at work on lunch. After painting him I applied a liberal coat of Minwax polyurethane then a coat of VGC matte varnish to kill the shine. We're going to handle him as one would in a game to see if the matte varnish wears off (revealing the glossy areas) or if the paint wears off altogether.

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    Well that green guy looks very nice indeed. The photo is a bit titchy but he looks like a proper mini rather than a board game piece. Congrats The game sounds fun too. Cheers, B.

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    Added WIP 1 photo. This is the actual unpainted mini I worked on (as opposed to a screen shot stolen from boardgamegeek.com) and the same figure after some painting.

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    that's quite an improvement

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