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    Default Archaon Conversion

    Hey guys,

    this is my latest submission. I'm always seeking advice.
    This is the first time i've done multiple views so.....

    Votey Link:

    Cheers, Gary.

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    looks great but you really need bigger pics

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    Nice one especially the base with the terrified guy. But you need better pics.

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    Thanks, duly noted. I'm getting a new camera so hopefully that will help.

    Thanks again ,Gary.

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    Hi Obsidian, it's a nice piece of work. I confess I'd thought you were going to push it further but given the number of projects you have on the go, congrats for completing him!

    Pics look okay, don't worry about new camera, just show us that top, full mini, image at 600 pixels wide. At the current size it's so hard to see what's lovingly applied paint & what's natural reflection/shadow.

    I voted on him earlier today Cheers, B.

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    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for the next mini. I'm just completing that unit of warriors today. Then im working on Azrael. I started on his little buddy, and ill post some pics of that later maybe

    Thanks BPI. Cheers.


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    Nice conversion, he doesn't look as evil like that though, lol.
    I like the idea for the base.

    The pics are a bit glossy too, do you use a flash? Or maybe you need to hit it with a matte varnish.

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    I'm working on an Archaon conversion too- I ended up using the same head, though I took the beard off. Great minds.

    Looks good, the only thing that looks strange to me is that it seems like the guy should be looking at the bloke that's running away. As it is, compositionally, Bruce Jenner doesn't seem like he fits. Overall it's nicely done though, I like the green bits the most- they're a nice contrast.


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    the idea was that the guy on the horse was looking for more battle and death and stuff(all the good things) while the horse was rearing up cause it wanted to get the guy right there. So he's yelling to the horse to go that way(points sword).

    That was just the thought going through my head anyway!

    Cheers, Gary.

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    I think the scene is very well done.

    I can just hear that little guy..

    "run away, run away"

    Looks like very solid painting. I really like the reds, and it plays nicely against that ethereal green you've got going there.

    good stuff.

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    The mini seems to be getting about a 6.5, is there anything i can do to future models to get into the 7's?

    Thanks guys, Gary.

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    Maybe it's because of the pics. I think if you had better pics this mini would be around 7,6.

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