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    Ok so, I have a big chaos army of my own, and im looking at changing it for the new rules

    I am getting the book this weekend, however i was wodnering of getting some advice before hand.

    I had to get rid of most of my beastmen allies that were in the army(i liked it better when you could field them too oh well)
    anyways its around something like this:

    12 chaos warriors
    hand weapons and shields
    musician, champion, standard bearer

    12 chaos warriors
    two hand weapons
    musician, champion, standard bearer

    (i'm not entirely sure if this is legal in the new rules but)
    24 Chosen Chaos Warriors(just the old warriors with some odd conversions on them, could easily be made into normal warriors if this is a problem)
    hand weapons and shield
    musician, champion, standard bearer.

    10 chaos knights

    16 marauders w/flails

    16 marauders w/ shield and hand weapons

    The hero models i have are this:
    1 lord, which i have able to be mounted on a dragon, a demonic steed, a barded horse, or on foot.

    another lord(or exalted champion)

    Exalted Champion

    Not sure if these are still available in the new rules:
    3 dragon ogres

    dragon ogre shaggoth

    3 trolls.

    Now, there is no point size to this army. The group i play with, use a very simple rule(we haven't played together in a while and are planning a reunion date so i need to get crackin!) and that rule is USE YOUR WHOLE ARMY. So essentially we count everyone's points size and then make teams based on that. I generally have the biggest army, and take on all the smaller guys.

    I am willing to pretty much buy anything needed. Think of apocalypse, but for WFB.

    I was thinking of attaching on a few units of warhounds, possibly more core units, maybe split the unit of ten knights up.

    There is a fluff to the army(as i've been playing on and off with it for quite a few years) so if you want to hear that let me know.

    I want to add a division to this army for each mark of chaos. That way i could either use each little "warband" on their own, or field them in my massive army.

    So far Everything is Chaos Undivided.

    Please let me know how to update this army! What new rules and weapons and magic items should i take? What do i have to get rid of? I definitely want some of the new chaos models, so im going to be buying some no matter what, so just tell me what i need for the ULTIMATE CHAOS ARMY!

    Cheers, Gary.

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    Ok, so i got the book, and also realized i had more guys than i listed before.

    So here is what i'm planning on doing.


    Chaos Lord - 210
    shield (10)
    acid ichor (15)
    Diabolic Splendour (35)
    aether sword (50)
    chaos Runeshield (50)
    total: 730?

    Chaos Lord - 210
    Shield (10)
    Mark Of Khorne (15)
    Blood curdling roar(20)
    Soporific musk (20)
    Hellfire Sword(75)
    Collar of Khorne(25)
    (Maybe juggernaut?)
    total: 375 (425 with jugger)


    Exalted Hero - 110
    BloodCurdling roar(20)
    rending Sword(30)
    Bronze Armour of Zhrakk(15)
    Favour of the Gods(5)

    18 warriors - 270

    18 warriors - 270
    Additional Hand weapons(18)
    total: 318

    16 marauders - 64
    Light Armour(16)

    16 marauders - 64
    Light Armour(16)

    5 Marauder horsemen - 65
    Light armour(5)
    throwing axes(is this compatible with shields?)(10)
    total: 115

    24 chosen warriors - 432
    Blasted Standard(40)
    Blasphemous amulet(25)
    total: 571

    Chariot - 120

    3 Dragon Ogres - 64
    great weapons (36)

    3 Trolls - 45

    5 knights - 40
    Blasted standard(40)
    total: 130

    5 knights - 40
    Blasted standard(40)
    total: 130


    Dragon Ogre Shaggoth - 265
    great weapon(20)
    total: 285

    Giant - 225


    So this is what i have so far.
    I can add anything really, or change anything, so any input is appreciated i want to have a pretty kickass force.

    Cheers. Gary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obsidianpainting View Post

    Chaos Lord - 210
    Shield (10)
    Mark Of Khorne (15)
    Blood curdling roar(20)
    Soporific musk (20) *****
    Hellfire Sword(75)
    Collar of Khorne(25)
    (Maybe juggernaut?)
    total: 375 (425 with jugger)
    Flagging the Soporific Musk as a question, because it sounds a bit like something that would be available to Slaanesh not Khorne.
    But seeing as I don't have the WFB Chaos books I'm having to go on logic.
    (Yeah I said logic in a GW world....D'oh)
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    "soporific musk 20 points
    the favoured one exudes a heady and unnatural scent,
    that ensares the mind and slows the limbs.

    when a unit flees from the character with this gift,
    or the unit he is with, the fleeing unit rolls an extra d6,
    and discards the highest roll."

    Thats what it says, so i just assumed anyone could take it. It didn't really have any thing saying "specific marks only".

    I could be wrong though, is there an errata anywhere?

    cheers, Gary.

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    Don't get rid of your beastmen just yet, the new book is out early next year and so far they are looking a bit nasty.

    CW have moved away from being God specific slightly in the latest book but they still give you the option of keeping it as a theme. You can look at it in two ways. Mortals are a bit like power whores, they'll take every bit of favour the Gods dish out regardless of their patron. If a Champion slays an entire warband he'll gain Khorne's favour and if he takes pleasure in the act he'll attract Slaanesh too. Following this reasoning you can gift your characters with any items you want. The other method is to come up with another name for the item or power and keep the same effect. In the case of Soporific Musk and Khorne you could justify it as causing the enemy to be so overcome with battle lust that even though they are fleeing they are reluctant to run too far from the fight.

    Looking at your army the first advice I would give is to move away from all your units being multiples of 4. The rules now demand 5 models to form a complete rank instead of 4 so try and go for multiples of 5. Unfortunately the fact that all the boxes were out during the last edition means that they are all sold 4 to a sprue making this a bit awkward to achieve.

    The other big thing is that you can only have one of each magic item. I've noticed that you have loads of Blasted Standards so most of them will need to go.

    BUILD A WARSHRINE!!!! They are possibly the best thing in the entire book!

    The only other things I can advise are to increase the size of your Marauder units to at least 20 -25 and to include some Warhounds as they're great for taking flanks.
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    Ok so,

    I'll drop the two blasted standards on the Knights, and take a raptuous standard, and a festering shroud.

    I'll also get, seeing as how they are around 25$ for 10 models, maybe ill get 4. which would give me 40 warhounds. 6 points a model is just another 240.

    And for the chaos warriors, i have at the moment, three regiments of 12, and a chosen unit of 24. I'm not entirely sure if the giant unit of chosen is practical, but given their stats i think it is

    and so, if i have three regiments of twelve, and i split it up, so i have 2 regiments of 18 instead. i can just get two of those three guy packs, and add 2 to each unit. making units of 20. One of the leftover 2, will go towards the unit of chosen, to round out that unit to 25.

    as for the marauders. I have two units of 16, one with flails, one with shields. So because they come in boxes of 16... hmm... i could just buy two more boxes, 9 going to each unit, making them units of 25. Then, using the leftover 14 models, to add to various things.. like a WARSHRINE!

    I like things being very symetrical.. so i may either get rid of the chariot, or add another. I'm definitely getting more Marauder horsemen. The new models look pretty cool. I'm also giong to be getting some of the new knights. So i may end up having two units of ten knights.

    Then, i would like some awesome firepower, so i'm going to be adding either 1 or 2 hellcannons.

    Should i get rid of the wierd beastie thing in my army?

    Like the dragon ogres, trolls, giant?

    should i add any more lord/hero characters?

    I will clearly have the points to be able to support more.

    thanks for the help so far


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    Quote Originally Posted by obsidianpainting View Post
    Ok, so i got the book, and also realized i had more guys than i listed before.

    5 knights - 40
    Blasted standard(40)
    total: 130

    5 knights - 40
    Blasted standard(40)
    total: 130
    I think there is minor miscalculation and you dont get those Knights so cheap

    5x40pts=200 and with additional costs total of 290 per group of five.

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