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    Well I couldn't be bothered doing up 50 different blogs because I'm just farting around doing whatever comes to hand, so I decided I'm just going to do a random blog of randomness and put everything in here. So much for order and filing and alpha-numeric cataloging systems - here it is - random.

    So far I've been playing around with some bits and pieces, I have a few commission bits to do and some more troops to add to the Iron Warriors army that has been sold, not to mention the army sitting on my bench that is a bit of a fart around while I decide what to do with the rest of the models in the house...

    First of all, here is the first batch of Thousand Sons marines based, cleaned and undercoated - I have a total of 36 to assemble, and here are 17 (because 1 sorcerer hasn't been done yet - thinking of how to convert it).

    And a couple of Thousand Sons dreads. They are not all stock forgeworld arms, I had to convert a couple out of bits out of my bits box - let me know if they look cool Christo or if you think they need something else

    I particularly like how the extended DCCW worked out - I actually like it a lot ATM

    Here are the current progress shots of the forgeworld Lightning - I'm going to be constructing a base for it as well as using some of the forgeworld book techniques on this one to get a bit of fun airbrush type painting going

    As it currently is (disassembled):

    And assembled with the pins holding it together:

    Resin isn't a lot of fun to clean up and work with I find, but the model is definitely very cool!

    And here are the things I am doing for myself: A Dark Angels Army!

    The army consists of somewhere around 30-40 terminators of various types, 2 drop pods, 5 landraiders, 1 landspeeder (so far) 2 basic dreads, 1 venerable dread, 1 heavy weapon dread, 5 vanguard, 5 sternguard, 30-40 basic troops and 1 rhino/razorback interchangeable combo - I think that's about it...so far.

    So plenty of stuff going on at this end. This is a big part of what I am playing around with the airbrush for. If I can cut my basecoating time down then it's time to churn out some more armies a little quicker! No more hunting for non-existent paint colours in a can!!!

    And maybe some fun airbrush weathering and highlighting techs!
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    fair play, that's a lot of work you have there

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    How will you be able to paint as many minis?! Good luck for it.

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    That is alot of stuff... I can't wait to see how it comes out...
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    I'll get through it I've had the Dark Angels army sitting on the table based and assembled for a while. I just plod on through while I do all sorts of different things.

    I should be finished assembling the Thousand Sons on Monday or Tuesday next week, then I can get to undercoating with the glue and going from there.

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    Here's the latest update - got a lot of stuff on but it's cool

    I've been enjoying playing with the airbrush now that I've got the main hiccups ironed out. Next time I fire it up I'll be trying out the Paasche single action to see what difference that makes to the whole process.

    Here's the progress - it's mostly on the Thousand Sons:

    Second batch undercoated and assembled:

    And the 4 sorcerers from the boxes. I've played around with them - it's a bit hard to convert these suckers without major remodelling, but I think I've pulled off the effect pretty well. 4 of the same sculpts with enough variation to make each one distinct:

    My only wish is that the heads were separate, that would be sweet. They are a pretty good model and have some nice sculpting on them - I do like the imagery of the sons very nice.

    I'm working on attempting to make the weird ball in the hand of the 2nd sorcerer from the right a pulsing energy bolt ready to unleash. I think it's looking pretty good so far...

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    And some bits and pieces of random extra work I've done in the last 6 months or so - just to add that extra dimension of true RANDOM!

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    Really nice ones. I especially like Asurmen and the avatar.

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    Pretty clean paint jobs mate. I really like them.
    Actually - that Orc "Pirate" is my favorite from them. Well done.

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    Here are the pics, firstly the mass undercoated lot and the dreads:

    And the test model - I have some minor touch ups to do on this one but this is basically it. I intend to use this as the basis of the rest, unless there are some alterations I need to do to the colour scheme. I do tend toward being a little darker in the colours, but I think this one works pretty well:

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    you are too fast!!

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    Hold it hold it! slow down! :P We can't keep up with you!
    Those mini's alll look very nice. And if You're going to paint the whole army in that standard, I will take my imaginable hat off for you sir.
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    Totally going for #1 -->

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    nice orks there, love the bases youve done for them.

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    wow sweet stuff dude realy like karandras. actualy i realy like all of those pheonix lords.


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    some sweet painting goning on in this thread will have to keep my eye on it.
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    love the eldar display About the avatar; does the conversion extend no further than that you've cut of the sword, replaced the handle with some sort of rod and then placed the sword as the spearhead? Avatar with spear is cooler than sword!

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    I did extend the handle of the sword with some rod - that's all I did to the sword - the hilt is at the bottom as the end of the shaft. I also cut, partially resculpted and repositioned the spear arm as well. Also some twisting and repositioning of the left arm as well. I also extended the torso by about 2-3mm to give it a little extra height and make it look a little less squat.

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    Really loving the Phoenix Lord diorama. Was thinking of doing the set of them myself, but you've set that bar awfully high.
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    Here's what I have been playing around with today. Mostly a lazy day as I'm still looking at the masses of blue Tzeentchy Automatons and still stirring myself up to get them done! I've painted on the silver areas of 3/4 of the lads and one of the dreads. I said to myself I would do them in smaller batches. Myself decided to keep painting the areas that I was starting and keep going.

    Wow I must be insane. I can't convince myself to do it on a smaller scale! Lol.

    I've also mounted the Lightning onto it's base (damn iPhone - I'm getting lazy with my punctuation because of it's auto-correct!). And if I do say so I think it is looking very nice. Maerlyn suggested the change to the positioning to make it look like it's buzzing a canyon or something and I do have to say it's looking very nice at this angle and height.

    Here's the pics of the jet:

    I've now had two people say they want this jet when they saw it, LOL I have to fight them off with a stick!

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    I've currently been going crazy laying on the base coats. I've done the blue, silver and whites now and am up to doing the gold trim. The gold trim is pretty fiddly and I've only managed to get 8 of the guys done in that so far. I think here is where I'll start with the smaller groups of batching. We'll see where that thought goes.

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