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    All this blue! The base of the lightning is really good.

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    No pics for an update today. Too lazy and on a bit of a downer with this rubbish house buying stuff. Tired of it - I wish it were over.

    BUT - I have finished painting on the main colours - Gold Trim, Silver metals, pale grey tabards, black bases and namely the blue main. I've finished doing that for all 37 models including the dreads. I will probably get a pic up and working sometime next week when the colouring is looking a little more impressive.

    To be honest I can't believe I have done that for 37 models ALL AT ONCE. That's a new personal best lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemmingspawn View Post
    To be honest I can't believe I have done that for 37 models ALL AT ONCE. That's a new personal best lol.
    I'm with you on that one Lemmingspawn! I did that last summer with 40 orks - I swore never again.....

    Looking ace as usual. The elite/special units in the previous page are dynamite, who knew you could build and paint?
    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    your my boogaboo. thanks suki.

    Granite City Waaagh! Fest!
    The Big Mek Manual

    bullets left and I'm comin' for ya!

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    I've had a bit of a disaster today. With all sorts of stressful things occurring, I managed to drop the windshield of the cockpit onto the ground. I didn't notice it until after I stood on it. SOOO - I've undercoated the plane but unfortunately I've gotta rebuild the windshield so I'll have to do that this week. Bummer. But at least the main coating will be done. And the windshield is easy enough ... well kinda ... to rebuild. That'll be for later.

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    Being clumsy is really fu***ng when you paint minis. Good luck for rebuilding.

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    Well I thought I would grace you all with some progress shots. I've repaired/rebuild the canopy of the lightning and gotten a heap of extra work done on the 1kSons. A friend of mine suggested I break up the colour of the bolters, so I've added some extra differently coloured detail to them to take away their pictorial dominance...

    Have a look:

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    Looking good! Those 1kSons come along nicely...really looking forward to the Thunderbolt.

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    I've gotten a bit further this week - as well as played around with some other techniques getting ready for the coup-de-grace on the lightning. That'll come soon enough - I just have to (still) work out what order to do stuff to it!

    And the near complete first fifteen:

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    Nice looking squad. I like the lava bases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheelfy View Post
    Nice looking squad. I like the lava bases.
    OH yes! Gorgeous! Looks as if there's a LIGHT under there.

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    Well not really an update but kinda cool...

    I never realised how good an army could look in a display case! I always liked my Tyranid army and the way it looked, but have never had it in a display. This week I took it down to our local shop for them to display it as part of a promo for the new nids and WOW! It looks amazing in the cabinet. I'm totally shocked and how much better it looks!

    I thought I'd show off my babies with some ordinary looking pics of them in a display case

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    Really nice looking tyranids. More pics of them will be welcome.

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    I painted these about 3 or so years ago. Quite an old paintjob - but here's a couple extra pics I did for the Matisse Derivan website.

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    Congrats on getting your stuff into the cabinet LemmingSpawn, nice to get to show them off It does make me giggle when I post an update to my WIP of a couple of square cm of paint & your next post is of another squad complete! Ace Cheers, B.
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    nice work, looks great all together

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    Well I've been playing around with some stuff today. I decided to practice with some pastels so out they came and I did up the base for the lightning.


    I love pastels.

    I just can't wait until the lightning is to the level where I can weather it with them...and I'm almost there...

    I've also done a comparison with two of the Thousand Sons, I weathered one using some pastels to give it a bit of an aged dusty look - let me know if you prefer the effect with the colours dulled down some with the pastels and if you think I need less or more...


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    I thought I missed something...the comparison:

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    Your lightning is pretty good so far. I prefer the marine that isn't painted with pastels.

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    As a bit of a temporary distraction from the Thousand Sons I've been asked to do a display model up for our local shop. I'm doing a Mawloc and it'll be done up in Phil Kellys' Jormangandr colour scheme I've done the rest of my tyranids in.

    Here are two of my carnifexes I did a couple years ago:

    And here is the constructed and based Mawloc ready for undercoating:

    I attempted to make the base look like it's sitting on the hole that it burst out of. I think I did ok, but if I do another I'll sculpt it with more putty or clay and make it deeper and more convincing.

    I cut and redirected the tail a bit to straighten it out and show the hole a bit more. I had to remove 2 links out of the tail to make it work, so I shaved and cut bits of it and then stuck it back together. It's got a slight kink in it but I've managed to straighten it mostly to make it look like it's sposed to be like that

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    Pretty cool carnifex. I expect the same for the mawloc.

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