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    I've been doing up the Lightning at the same time as painting up the Trygon and I have to say - the lightning is turning out so much better than I expected! I've been using some bits and bobs out of the imperial armour modelling book and it's helped me to get some bearing on this model. Because it's all experimental techniques I have not used at all, it's been a slower process than I may have taken had I done some more of this type of work. I'll definitely be doing more of this type of painting on the landraiders I have waiting for my dark angels!

    Anyways - I talk too much - here are some pics of the model. It's pretty much done - I just need to do two more of the lights and I'm thinking I'll just gloss the two front headlamps, I think they look good how they are and suitably represent unlit bulbs. Let me know if you think I need to do something different with them though.

    And there will be some tufts of grass on the base

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    Really good one. The fight damages are very good, especially around the weapons.

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    Ok here is the finished model. Only took a short amount of time but it's done.

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    Really nice one. I really like the green wings.

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    Thanks dude I've really enjoyed using these techniques, they're very different to a lot of things I've done before. They definitely require a lot more planning to get from go to woah because of the layers of varnish you have to add in between layers. In particular I've enjoyed how the pastels can really bring a model together and unify the effect a bit more.

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    wow, it looks brilliant

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    Thanks. A 8 from me.

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    Here's some more stuff I've been up to. The Mawloc for the local shop owner is finished and in it's rightful place

    Here is the finished line up.

    Done in the same style as the rest of my army. The main difference is I did this base with pastels which is becoming one of my favourite basing techniques.

    When I first starting assembling the Mawloc I started thinking "wait this isn't much difference in size to a carnifex."

    How wrong was I. It's just the proportions which had me fooled.

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    loooove the poisonus bugginess in these nids, very cool!
    ...and that's one big bug indeed...

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    Really cool mawloc. I just love his tongue (is it really a tongue?).

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    Whoo boy, that's a good looking Mawloc. Very nice use of purple to add some contrast. A nice addition to the rest of the brood.
    Blasting forth in three part harmony!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheelfy View Post
    Really cool mawloc. I just love his tongue (is it really a tongue?).
    I'm guessing it's a tongue...but how many tongues have teeth? Lol

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    Yeah it's a teethed-tongue.

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    The Mawloc looks awesome, much like the rest of your army. Keep up the good work!

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    Getting there with this list of stuff to do! I just keep looking at my Baneblade after the success I had with the Lightning going "Oooh - I really want to do that baby up now!" and make it all dirty and stuff

    I've magnetized the baneblade so it can also be the hell - thingy as well. In the process of originally building it I broke/lost/mangled the original coax autocannon so I had to rebuild the gun.

    Anyways - that stuff is old news but I felt like posting something

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    Having seen your lightning I have high expectations with this baneblade. What colour will it be?

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    I haven't decided on the colours of the baneblade. I can't tell you at this stage

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    I've been playing around some more with the thousand sons and I've done a bit of a flame motif on the bottom of their tabards. It's weird. With the motif I like it clean. Without the motif I like it dirty... lol

    Anyways - have a look - see what you think. My thoughts are I may need to clean up the tabards a bit and brighten them again after the pastels so that I can then go back and do the flame motif. The pastels stick quite well so they are not very easy to just wipe off. So what I have learned so far is that I will weather them with pastels before approaching the bases, so the bases retain their brightness.

    Anyhoo - pics:

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    very impressive!

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