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    Your Valkyrie is really cool looking. Your Grey Knights army is also nice.

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    that valkyrie is fecking awesome!

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    Here's the progress on the Zeppelin. My only dislike is the balloon could benefit from being a bit longer and a bit flatter in shape, but aside from that I'm pretty happy with it. Being it's a plastic football it's next to impossible to adjust it without it popping and no longer holding its shape, lol.

    Anyways - take a look!

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    Sooooo ork!!!!!

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    Awesome! GW should put that into production

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    ooh this is sooo awesome! the idea alone is great, I've been having this idea also for a long time now just for warhammer fantasy!
    Plus you did an awesome job on buildig the ship. looking forward seeing more of it

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    I've finally got some pictures to show everyone. I've had some work done on the basecoating of the zep, I've also finished the bike and gunners (but no pics yet).

    I've also painted 2 Zoanthropes and 1 Pyrovore but I never got any pics of those before I returned them to the owners - the local game shop.

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    Spanish Balloons? Mongo like spanish balloons!

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    Wow that valkyrie is understateably AWSOME. You know at first it seems like it may be over the top but when I took a second glance I realized that fits perfectly for orcs and seeing that it balaces very well.

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    Some more bits and pieces. A Wraith that was sitting in my bits box I decided to put together and paint a few weeks ago, also the progress on the Valkloon.

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    This is a very impressive piece. I love the ork holding the two wires- can't wait to see him painted up.

    Why are you setting everything on a spreadsheet?

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    It's just some old rubbish that I had lying around that I used as a painting thingy.

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    Cool build man, great zeppelin!

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    Yeah I have to agree. awsome work man! Cant wait to see i painted

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    Here's where I'm up to . I haven't even touched the balloon yet - I'm not sure how I want to go about painting that sucker yet. I'm still thinking about it - maybe cover it with pigeon crap - that would be funny as.


    There's still a lot more to do yet - this is the stage before the serious weathering takes place!

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    mmm... nice indeed! i find your creativity and execution absolutely inspiring! really cool (:

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    Here come the final pictures of the Valkalloon!

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    Just realized something, you don't have any ropes trying down the balloon to the frame. You have a net yes, but nothing connecting that "visually" to the frame. Other then that most excellent work.
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    that's so lol and awesome att the same time!

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