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    Nifty idea, would've never thought of using a Valk in that way!
    That is some inspiring creativity.
    Greets from Kraut-Land,

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    This is the latest bit of work I've done - I've attempted to make this Mawloc appear to be bursting from the ground, I'm relatively happy with it but if I do it again I'll definitely do it a bit differently.

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    eeeeeeeeeeeeeew! nice work!

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    Cool looking, simple colour scheme but efficient.

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    love that buggy colourscheme great base to for that sneaky b*stard, i sure hell wouldnt like to have that one turning up in front of me

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    For roughly the last 3 or so weeks I've been doing up some more nids in the background. I've got a batch of Genestealers and some Rippers I found sitting in a box so I decided to make up some swarms. These are also for the shop here and they give him roughly 1000 pts in a small force to play around with now. Not sure if I'd like to face his force with a small army but it could prove interesting!

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    well consider your army color scheme for the nids looted. lmao.
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    Wow...you are fast!!!
    ....that's what "SHE" said....
    Great Job!

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    Ok, I've been quiet for a while. That's because I've been doing stuff but not speeding through it just stuffing around.

    Anyways - I've managed to build 11 bikers and 7 additional tactical marines for my Dark Angels army, and when I had that finished I finally got to do some test models for the army. These are basic troops so let me know what you think about the scheme. I'm not a huge fan of the basic DA colourscheme so I "Lemminged" it.

    Have a look and let me know what you think and if there is anything you think I should alter to improve the overall look.

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    The armor could use a good deal more shading and highlighting. I notice you did some edge highlighting, but it's understated to the point of being overlooked. Pushing your contrast would really make them pop. Your gold metallics look very good.

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    If this was yours originally - I'm sorry I had to do it.

    I had to strip off all the rivets and start again I just had to.

    Christo sent me this one to work on recently and I'm stripping it back to a bare shell before riveting it again with something a bit smaller. I've also been tweaking some cosmetics.

    I have to say though, the panel lines on this thing are BRILLIANT! They're very nicely done and mostly very straight - I wish I could do as well.

    Over the next few days I'll still be cleaning it up, puttying up some holes and cleaning some edges up before I get back to riveting this beast.

    Oh, yeah. I'm back with something new

    Disclaimer: I didn't build this - but I am partially rebuilding it and then painting it. It's quite a good construction, I just need to fill some joins and redo the rivets and a few other cosmetics.

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    Dammit. Waiting for photobucket to stop with the maintenance. I got some cool updates today...

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    wow missed that t-hawk. great. how the hell did you get your sticky mitts on that?!

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    It's actually something that someone has sent to me as a commission job I'm part the way through my "Improvements" so I should be getting ready to paint it soon (next week or so).

    Anyways - here are my updates. I've got a fair bit of work done on the Tbird, the most time consuming of which is the scratchbuilding of the wing mounted lascannons. I love how they look now, I wasn't going to do this but Maerlyn has actually challenged me to do them right and now I'm very glad I didn't say no, they are definitely starting to look the business. I'm sure you'll be very happy with the progress I've had on it Christo

    I like smilies too much


    Rebuilt Cabin:

    Progress on the Lascannons:

    Mostly done:

    Undercarriage upgrades:

    General Repairs:

    Replacement Cannon:

    I'm not totally happy with the way that the cannon has turned out but it is too destructive to do some of the repairs that are necessary. Maerlyn has given me some other ideas of how to do it but I need to think through the logistics - it's may be too overwhelming...

    The only real way to do it would be to totally remove the top compartment and redo it but - phew - that's a big job. Lets consider the ideas of other methods...

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    Not really a fan of the dark angles as they are a little basic in the painting of them but love all ofthe rest of the stuff. Especially the tyranid comming out from the ground Superb!

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    Remove the recoil springs and add a sleeve to the first half of the cannon? Cover up any size inconsistent that may pop up. If anything, in the grim dark over sized cannon and big fancy plates are required!

    Oh and I think that crevice on the front of the engines that you green stuffed in is supposed to be there. but whatever..
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    That's a very cool project. Painting it's going to be a big challenge.

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    At the moment the panel lines in the engines are quite messy and not done very well. I covered the most conspicuous areas and I may redo the lines later.

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    Ok - So I am much happier with this now that I decided to take the plunge. I just ripped out the original gun and built it closer to the forgeworld design. It's hard to do without a selection of tubing that is that size but I worked it out so it's much prettier now. I've also finished adding the extra details to the lascannons and a few other bits and pieces. I also added some extra panelling to the model but the problem is I talked myself out of using 1mm and settled for 0.75mm instead. I know its only a 1/4 of a mm difference but I wish I'd stuck with my original plans. Anyway - it's still looks nice

    Turbolaser attachment:




    WIP Side sponson twin linked Heavy Bolters:

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