CMON Shop Update: Massive Enigma Update!
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    Default CMON Shop Update: Massive Enigma Update!

    Took us forever to clear the packages from customs, but they are here. Multiple releases just in time for the holidays, and they are all AMAZING!!!

    In addition to all these great releases, everything has been restocked in the Enigma line. And for a limited time only, if you order $100.00 or more of Enigma products, we will include the Bunny Kung Fu Master. Yoda, move over, this is the real deal :) We only have a limited amount of these Bunny Kung Fu Master on hand. We will honour this offer while supplies last.

    ALL available now at CMON On-line store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by borg View Post

    Really liking these three.
    The "SHAMLET" figure has a real sense of character to me.
    And the Wolf......Real menace.
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    Mmmm... that wolf does look tasty, I can see several of those making their way into my spacewolves army


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    That rabbit's hysterical! Too bad it's only available at events, and I don't have $100 to spend on Enigma stuff at the moment.

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    By the way, sorry, I forgot to credit the painter for the crazy rabbit, it was painted by Fernado Ruiz.

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    I really want that rabbit!
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