Sculpt along - putting out the feelers.
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Thread: Sculpt along - putting out the feelers.

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    Default Sculpt along - putting out the feelers.


    So all the details are here, but the gist is that i'm happy to plan and run a sculpt-along event, where we all sculpt something together. A new stage would be demonstrated once a week, and then each participant would have the opportunity to give it a try. The beauty of it is that the shared project would enable different participants to exchange critique and encouragement with each other in a way that an instructional video or book couldn't. I'm going to run this on my blog, and then if CMON members want it, I'll input into a wip thread on here as people discuss their progress. Does this sound like something you'd like? is your new years resolution to push more putty? this might be the answer.

    Let me know. i'm not after anyone 'signing up', I just want to know if theres enough interest from people that it's worth spending so many countless hours writing a series of in-depth tutorials, so if you think you might be interested in following it, chuck me a message or reply or something so I know


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    That sounds very interesting!

    I'd play along, until something new and flashy appeared!

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    Sounds kind of interesting. Not too sure about my sculpting skills, but having something like this might encourage me to try it out.

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    My sculpting "skills" blows chunks, but hey if you think you can look at my work and not die laughing, I'll give it a go.
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    I'm up for it, this is one area I really need to start doing more of, that may not be grammatically correct, but you get the idea
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    potentially interested. but i would wait till new year

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
    potentially interested. but i would wait till new year
    Second that!
    Quote Originally Posted by TrystanGST View Post
    The secret? Practice, and a desire to get better. A little talent goes a long way, but as long as you're open to advice, you can do amazing things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
    potentially interested. but i would wait till new year
    Quote Originally Posted by Chrome View Post
    Second that!
    Agreed on that point.

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    Definitely interested in this After all, my sculpting can't get much worse :P


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    Im up for this, will be nice to get some critque.

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    Well that's simply wonderful I'm glad you're each interested. that makes approximately a dozen people, which I'm willing to run with. I was always thinking about january for this to kick off, with the first posts about tools and materials asap to give those who want to join the chance to get their stuff together if they don't have it already before we begin. I'll aim to run this from the beginning of january

    I'll post again when I've got the first posts up and running (will be before xmas), and we'll take it from there! in the mean time, does anyone know any other forums or other places this can be offered? I've currently got it on CMON (obviously!) and Platoon Britannica. Any other ideas? the more of us that do it together, the better for everyone I reckon as we can help each other out.

    Thanks again all!

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    James, your Griffin logo doesn't show up on my Facebook link, just got a black square (the link still works tho)
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    ach, thanks. I'm no computery person, but as soon as my techie friend has finished moving house, I'll get her on it. I'm most grateful that you decided to link to it you may be the first...

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    I'll give it a go (hopefully January won't prove too busy)...

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    woo! another one on board welcome! first post tonight about materials etc.

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    Left message on your blog I'm in

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    well, i have some limited experience, and lot of stuff id love to sculpt. this could be the motivation i need! im in.

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    Funnymouth - welcome!

    TAB studio - I replied, welcome on board I had a look at your site, very nice

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    Ok guys, the first preparation post is up - What we're going to do when, how to sign up, and background and information on putties. Enjoy!

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    I'd be very interested in this. I hope work doesn't interfere though

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