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    Default Is it me?

    Is it me or is GW just re-releasing the same stuff over and over?

    I think i might have the original back in B.C.

    What are your opinions on this?

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    even if it is a redo, I am all for it. Some of those original one shot games were tons fo fun. FFG has great value for the money with all the games of theirs I've bought. Meaining quality pieces, boards etc. I really like FFG and await most of their new releases. This one included.

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    I really enjoyed the original HH boardgame, so I like the idea of an update with new pieces.

    When you say re-realeasing the same stuff, I think you're referring to Space Hulk, but what else have they re-done? All the FFG I can think of - Chaos in the Old World, Warhammer: Invasion, Dark Heresy, and Rogue Trader - have all been rather original games (and good, IMHO).
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    the models look crap

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    Well my money's safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    Well my money's safe.
    YEah..this is what you say NOW

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    Wasn't Horus Heresy a short game they initially released as a game in White Dwarf?


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    I'd settle for em putting Digga Nob up as a PDF at this point.
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    If the customers like it they'll quit selling it. Just like Space Hulk.

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    IIRC they redid Talisman recently.

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    Remember thou that this is FFG selling this game and Not GW. So I really think that it's not going the way of Space Hulk.
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