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Thread: It's Christmas!

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    Merry christmas everyone :-D

    Here in Norway we have just eaten the christmas dinner and is about to open some presents :-D
    And apparently some members of the familiy is getting a little drunk

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    Well, the pressies are unwrapped (Canon S90, a bottle of 18 year old Elijah Craig and two Viz annuals), the turkey is resting, pan deglazed and the veggies are ready to go. I've even made some stock from the carcass

    I love the smell of roast turkey!

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    Wow, I forget how early the day comes to that side of the world! Merry Christmas, have a good one all.

    May there be an abundance of turkey and trimmings (or whatever your feast of choice is) for you all.


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    We have seems this is the round the clock Christmas thread.
    I hope everybody stays happy healthy and has a wonderful time no matter what time the holiday rolled around to you.
    Winter is Coming...

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