So..., what did you get for Xmas?
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Thread: So..., what did you get for Xmas?

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    Default So..., what did you get for Xmas?

    I got a Pure DAB radio/CD player/ with clock
    40K Assault on Black Reach, and
    £15 GW gift vouchers far, more relatives to arrive yet
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    i got a really cool R2D2 alarm clock from my sister. the funny part is that i bought one exactly the same to her, chance of a million sort of!

    also got money to buy a dishwasher, thats one heck of a good gift!

    no minis tho

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    A pair of socks and a bottle of whisky.

    Plus we've saved a nice bit of really good hash to have later up at Chaulieu (highest point in La Manche) later on.

    Didn't get a day off though lol

    Peace and love...

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    same thing i get every year, a hangover

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    Eolith Dracula and Shae (sexy, sexy minis)
    Firefly boxset
    Ski gloves + head tube
    2x Alistair Mclean books
    Some sun glasses (for the skiing :P)
    My bro got me a calender made up of pictures I took :P
    A jumper from my aunt (the sane one)
    £50 from another aunt (the mad one this time) to make up for missing my birthday (because she was hiding from the tax man..)

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    X files trading card game?
    Jelly beans
    "Wikka" by Asguard
    a book
    100$ gift card to a local store

    I got stuff for Hannukah too (being of both Jewish and Christian descent is nice)

    Biggest thing was a new camera.

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    a divorce!!!!!!.......wooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and a battlewagon
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    Got a new cordless dremel with dremel-screwdriver. So that was pretty cool. Wasn't expecting it. More presents coming later, but I don't expect them to be as big or nice as that.
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    I got a new desk and lamp, so now I've got a much better workspace than I used to I also got some money that I invested in an Eldar Battleforce.

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    A day off.

    Oh, and a new laptop. :P
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    nowt yet, still stuck at work. only 45mins to go!!!

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    A day off, plus snow, ice, and being stuck 200 miles from anywhere.

    Oh, and about three screwdrivers (not the tool)

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    Pair of these babies

    And various foreign sweets (chocolate covered ants anyone?), books, nice jumpers, CDs and DVDs

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    A stocking full of goodies
    a yummy smelling candle and hand lotion to match
    Some bath salts
    a scarf
    An ornament with a kitten on it
    A Santa ornament
    A reindeer ornament
    a book
    some red bow ornaments (I collect Christmas ornamtents)
    a Christmas pillow
    a cake
    some balloons
    a chicken dinner (for my birthday from work)
    and a trollblood from my sweetie.

    But best of all was being able to wake up next to my love and having my son in the next room. Nothing can match having the people you love near you!

    Oh, and some of those presents were birthday presents.
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    I got some nuts, a bottle of Hennesy, and Batman:the Dark Knight Strikes Again. We went a little light because we are going to home to B.C. in a month.

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    Canon S90

    Bottle of 18 year Elijah Craig
    A couple of Viz annuals

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    A couple of minis, the Preacher from Kingdom Death and the most recent one from McVey Studios.

    Some t-shirts.

    A penguin ornament.

    A set of nail clippers and stuff.


    Wallace and Grommit handkerchiefs.

    A calendar.

    I also got some money before I came out to the States.

    I agree with Liz, spending time with your sweetheart is the best present.

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    Places for next year's French GD, two books, the 1"th season of the Simpsons and 30 euros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Bunting View Post
    spending time with your sweetheart is the best present.
    I've had nearly twenty years of that. The camera was better

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    I got a portable hard disk :-D An iPod touch 32 gb, many many vmc paints and some four raphael brushes

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