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Thread: Sculpting a big winged boar: WIP thread.

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    Really awesome wings... and boar and...

    well really awesome work at all!

    Are you going to cast copies of this model?

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    Please rate my comments, even if there is critism in it, as a personal point of view. I do not have the absolute truth in minature painting and every word said by me is only a suggestion, that may be thought over or simple ignored. So, happy painting!

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    awesome! how much will you be charging for it?

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    Yup. I am a fan. That little porcine has a lot of character. I almost want to get a bunch so I can use the wings for conversions...
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    Thanks for all the comments, its very encouraging.
    Yes it will be available as a resin kit in the near future. I won't be selling it myself as I made it for a client but I will be sure to let everyone know when it is available .

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    awesome first thread in a while I've noticed nd read all the way through... even the tangents of polymer clay boiling and all that jazz....

    Victoria really really great work . would have loved to see bigger wings ..(that's a whole lt of pork to take off) but the quality is uneniable and it works for me definitely interested in buying if one is available.....

    the vacuum and pressure discussions....
    It all depends on how much pressre your wanting to create and how smooth you want stuff...

    the method tim mentioned using the vac storage bags woks well enough for most of our needs.. just make sure to use a strong enough tub and remember to put holes in the side of it... (gluing lego bricks together produces a damn strong and adaptaple "chamber" )

    The paint pressure jobbies mentioned are a next step up getting rid of more bubbles and if your serious enough about casting to want these results then you should be serious enough to spend the amount they cost (£100-£150 )

    the best of the best are the commercial or more accurately industrial types used by professional casters... They are damn pricy but they are used by (some) companies to get the absolute smoothest results but at home most of don't need that just need to get rid of the worst bubbles.....

    I have a fishing bait pump... (remove air from pellets) I put my mixed resin in this and give it a pump .. (one or two pumps of an inbuilt handle) this brings most bubbles to the surface where I can either skim off or pop...I then brush the resin in using cheap enough to throw away brushes.... before pouring final mix in usually gets prety much bubble free results .........

    As for boiling clays I have done it with no worries and have cut through the pieces afterwards to check for internal cure....

    as a guideline I usually double the manufacturers recommended time when boiling and add roughly 15-20mins per quarter inch thickness... At the end of the day as long as you keep the water filled up you can boil indefinitely without scorching which is the main reason to boil rather than oven bake.....

    anyways back to sleep ..

    Again Victoria wonderul characterful razorback....

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    ah, amazing! this is just so nice! i really love the sculpt, the detail is just fantastic, and the ideology of the winged boar is really hitting me right in the face! i am awestruck at the great execution. thank you for this great example of awesomeness!

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    how did I miss this thread?
    Anyway - that looks awesome, and it was great seeing it at the various stages - thank you for sharing!
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    I'm awaiting any details for purchasing hehe. is it possible to mention it on this topic when it's up for selling? I might be interested if the price is ok.
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    Default Wow.

    Just. Wow.

    Waiting to buy...

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    It's kinda cute. Not my cup of tea though, but fantastic work.

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    Simply amazing work. I am working on sculpting fur myself, although not as detailed, I went with a more stylized version of fur. But your method of sculpting is amazingly powerful and comes of beautifully. It's interesting seeing your method for such a new sculptor... what medium are you working in? Looks kinda like milliput, have a bar at home I've been meaning to play with.

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    Excellent work Victoria.

    I've been toying with the idea of making a copy of Chrysaor (Pegasus' brother, the winged boar, from Greek mythology for those not in the know) for some time now, but if you are planning on selling this I may just give up my plans and purchase your magnificent sculpt instead.

    As for the casting, one method I use in my casts is to dust the mold with a light dusting of baby powder. The powder helps to draw the resin into those hard to reach areas where air bubbles are more likely to form. All of my molds are of silicon. RTV requires a mold release that means extra cleaning, both on the mold and on the finished piece, and the dusting method won't work on this. I think? I also use a pressure pot to remove any remaining bubbles that may form in the resin.

    During the molding process I start with a brushing of silicon for the first level. Silicon has a nice little habit of only sticking to itself so I can make multiple passes to help remove the air bubbles closest to the original. Followed by a filling in of the remaining mold. This is usually a two day process as I like to make sure that each layer is full hardened. Followed by a good healthy dose of 40 pounds of pressure to kill off any bubbles in the mold.

    I hope this helps some in your quest to mold a better fig.

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    Wink Winged Boar now available

    Hi all,
    The boar is now finished and available as a resin kit.
    Thanks for all the interest and support.
    Visit my new online shop and check it out.

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    Lovely Boar with wings victoria.
    I was looking at thread and noticed you used tin foil for the wings? what kind of tinfoil did you used and does it give the necessary strenght for casting such thin wings?

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

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