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Thread: Sculpting a big winged boar: WIP thread.

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    "Yes, Magic Sculpt is a strong as Aves Apoxie Sculpt. They are similar products with similar working properties. One difference, a significant one -- Magic Sculpt does not slump with heat while Apoxie Sculpt does. It handles baking better."
    Thanks for the heads up, I'll just have to try it and see.
    BTW he is measuring 8.5cm nose to tail.

    Thanks for the interest, the first stage of sculpy is added. I'm calling it the baldy, blobby stage. Very basic shape is blocked in ready to begin detailing.
    I'm a bit worried about my ability to finish sculpting this unbaked without sticking my fingers in some detail that took 4 hours to sculpt (you know how it is). I guess I'll just have to be very careful.
    Any tips for working with polymer clay without stuffing it up before you bake it?

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    Allways liked a good wip! Really looking forward to this :-)
    Will you paint it as well? After seeing some of your work in the gallery I'm really hoping you are..

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    Victoria, you can 'series bake' ie when you finish something important, bake it!

    when baking a glass dish is better than metal, and you made need to bake him on his side, support with a wad of cotton batting/filler (I've just been told that Polyester is OK up to 130F), Kathy says cotton in her book

    you'll also need a oven thermometer (don't rely on the oven one) and a reliable timer

    leave it to cool in the oven before moving it too

    edit: oops! that's 130C, sorry
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    Ah - missed your thread for some reason. It's turning great so far - thanks for making it WIP. I´m really wondering how far you gona take it.

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    Come on,holidays are over, chop chop!
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    I am really loving watching this progress. I've never done any serious sculpting myself and this is very interesting.
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    Get done already, can't wait to see the finished result;D

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    No rest for the wicked Hope you all had a good new year.
    Started detailing the left foot and side of the face, you can see the process in the pics.
    I tend to shape and area, move on then come back to it and refine what is there, this will happen many times to the same area before its finished.
    I like to do the face of a sculpt early so I can get a feel for its character.
    Will you paint it as well? After seeing some of your work in the gallery I'm really hoping you are..
    Thanks, but probably not. It is intended to have a bronze look finish applied to the resin casts, but you never know.

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    Thats coming along really nice! Great work.

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    How exactly are you sculpting that fur? Are you sculpting it off the boar and then smoothing it on, or adding the clay and sculpting it on the boar?

    (did that make sense?)
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    The fur process goes something like this:

    Roll out a thin snake of putty with a pointy end.
    Chop off the pointy end.
    Stick the resulting little cone shape to the model.
    Press some lines into it with a sculpting tool.
    Repeat 50,000 times

    Of course I've skipped the bit where I drop it on the floor, loose it or stick it in the wrong position and have to start again.

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    looking sweet, the fur is excellent

    I must admit I don't envy you on this one
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    i have found in the past that pulling/teasing the putty can help the textured effect and is a LOT quicker than cutting out small triangles

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    That is looking great! I agree the hair is awesome, but I too don't envy you the task.

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    Great texture, this is coming along very well!

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    You can set polymer clays in hot water btw Cant remember exact method so look it up but its very handy for curing dodgy parts your scared to bake.

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    Be warned with the hot water though, as it can make Sculpey very brittle, I think it works better with FIMO, but I had some sculpts just fall apart after the hot water treatment.


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    Another trick for using Sculpy is to use a heat gun. The cheapest option is a paint stripper that you can find anywhere that has home improvement stuff. You have to be careful not to get too close and burn the outside of the sculpt, but with a little practice, you'll be able to bake in very precise portions of your sculpt without having to bake the whole thing over and over and over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klute View Post
    You can set polymer clays in hot water btw Cant remember exact method so look it up but its very handy for curing dodgy parts your scared to bake.
    no you can't!
    it doesn't set properly 'cause it doesn't reach the required temp, to quote Katherine Dewey:

    "Boiling clay means curing at a temperature of 212 degrees F, or 50 degrees lower than the recommended temperature. If scorching is a problem especially for prebaked, small components), better to drape vulnerable components with a damp paper towel and secure lightly with foil."

    and just in case you were thinking about it...

    " I thought I responded to this, but the fact is that at normal pressure, steam is no hotter than boiling water. That's 212F (100C), not enough to cure most polymer clays.
    Hope this helps,

    if you want to read the whole thread over at Elvenworks....
    What's up with boiling clay?
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    actually it's enough to set it, ie make it hard so that you don't smoosh fingerprints all over it, but i agree it's not enough to cure

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