Space Marine WIP Part 1.
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Thread: Space Marine WIP Part 1.

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    Default Space Marine WIP Part 1.

    While in the middle of a fairly intense period of sculpting I thought that I would take a little time out and have a bit of fun on a project that I’ve been wanting to do for some time.

    A couple of years ago I treated myself to Forgeworld’s Collector Series Space Marine, for those of you not familiar with the model, it is a large scale depiction of a generic Space Marine at about 120mm tall or 1/15 - my favourite scale.

    It has been sitting unbuilt in my workshop for about 2 years tempting me away from my modelmaking duties, finally I could resist no longer and what better way to start on a relatively expensive limited release model, than to saw it all up!

    Unfortunately in my enthusiasm to saw and grind the parts I have neglected to take shots of the original model and any of my destructive early stages so I have included here an image of the Forgeworld Marine and the instruction sheet to show the original state of the model parts.

    The torso of the marine is very short so I removed the lower belt section and ground out the abdominal section. The surface of the torso, as with the rest of the model is very fussy with lots of panel lines and ports/vents etc.
    I filled all of the details with putty and sanded the surface smooth. I have also drilled through the chest eagle and inserted a plastic ring to act as a mount for a chapter icon later on.

    The pelvis is integral to the legs so this was ground and sawn away and an new pelvis built from scratch.
    As you can see the belt buckle shows I’ll be making this a marine from the Ultramarines chapter. Flexible leg joint was made fron coiled aluminium wire.

    Abdomen section was then scratchbuilt using putty and plastic card strips. The piping was made from aluminium wire and plastic tube detailed with 1mm steel balls.

    Arms and legs next.:)

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    This going to be sweet.. having seen your giant killer i cant wait to see how this will turn out!

    It looks amazing already..


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    holy c**p! your the guy who did that giant, that is one of the most amazing minis ever...

    i\'m REALLY looking forward to this.

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    looking nice :o

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    just send in two more minis to get five minis and then you\'ll be in the top 50 for sure.

    Coming back to the space marine, well the surface seems a little rough, the green stuff seem, i don\'t know, just not right, and i don\'t like the pelvis, na i\'m just kiddin\' with you cause i\'m sooooooooooo jealous :D !!!!!!!!!

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    The arms had extremely limited pose potential so they were sawn up into separate upper and lower sections with all of the joints removed. All the details were either ground and sanded off or filled with putty. Cast-on tubing was removed from the upper shoulder sections and replaced with new, finer wire details.

    Lower arm sections were attached to the shoulders with coils of wire to imitate flexible joints in the armour.

    Here you can see the arms and torso assembly. I’m using an old scratchbuilt head to check proportions and give me some idea of scale.

    Legs on the way...

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    wow........:o that is incredible, how do you get your platsicard to bend like that?

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    Oh My Goodness! :o

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    This is going to look sick when it is finished

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    Fantastic stuff, I\'ll certainly be keeping an eye out for more updates!

    How do you intend the finished pose to look? What weapons will he have? What rank will he be?



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    Thanks for your comments.

    hestan101- Plastic card is curved by heating it gently with a hairdryer until it is slightly more \'bendy\' than usual and glueing in place.

    CMDante- Finished pose will probably be something proud and triumphant, standing over a vanquished foe perhaps. You\'ll have to wait and see. :)

    The legs were also of a limited pose and as the arms, were sawn into separate upper and lower sections.
    Both sections were subject to my ‘de-detailing’ providing me with clean surfaces on which to work back into.

    Lower leg sections have been treated the same as before with some details being added with steel balls.
    Lower right leg has been given a pre-heresy feel as I wanted the armour to have some history, an ancient armour that has been customised and enhanced over centuries.

    Feet details were enhanced with steel balls.

    This shows the legs assembled with the pelvis. Kneepads have been added and detailed and additional piping has been introduced into the joints. Thigh armour has been made from putty, detailed and tacked in place.

    Shoulder pads soon :)

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    how di you sculpt the thigh plates? its looking even better, may i suggest him being a first company sternguard veteran?

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    Fan-freak\'n-tastic. I love how you\'re adding all this stuff to the model in such a way. It\'s looking awesome without even being painted yet. It\'s going to rock when you\'re done!


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    Lovin\' this so far :P

    Although I don\'t particularly like the shape of the \"U\" belt buckle - but that\'s your call :D ;)

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    Wow this is looking fantastic so far. I\'m very jealous of your sculpting skills, I have a 12\" Abbadon model that is missing an arm... if I could sculpt half this good then I might be able to cobble something together :D

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    Default Interesting

    Excellent work! I\'m looking forward to seeing the finished piece. The original looks like crap though... The proportions are all messed up. It looks like a blown up version of the 25mm minis which, instead of making him look tall and superhuman, makes him look like a kid in an over-sized armour. They should know better.

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    Shoulder pads came blank ready for chapter insignia to be added. For the Marine\'s right shoulder pad I decided to go with a reinforced style into which I have added chapter icon with a recessed skull. I am intending this to be a real skull rather than a sculptural detail. Marine\'s left shoulder pad has just a simple chapter symbol to which I will add some laurels at a later stage. Edges have been detailed with more steel bearings.

    Here you can see assembly so far. I’ve started some minor work on a helmeted head too.

    Figure assembly with bare placeholder head and shoulder pads. The parts are all only tacked together at this stage so some repositioning will happen later.

    Head next. :)

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    Okay, I have to know. How are you getting the balls in? Heating them and then pressing them in, or drilling a hole and putting the ball in that?

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