new tyranids Paint scheme. help plz.
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Thread: new tyranids Paint scheme. help plz.

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    Default new tyranids Paint scheme. help plz.

    Helo there every body. As you've probably read from the tittle... or title...however thats spelled i need a little help on how to paint a small tyranid force that i have had for quite a while. ive got no i idea on how to even start paining these guys. ALL and i mean All ideas are apriciated.

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    Well, not much information, but lets see if we can help you out.

    For starters do you have any ideas on how you want to paint it?
    Any particular ideas on color schemes?
    Any color combinations you think might look good or that you favor for any reason?
    Do you have a theme you're going for?
    What is in your tyranid force?
    Which Tyranid models are you having particular trouble with?

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    i have a winged hive tyrant
    like 20 gaunts
    about 16 genestealers
    and 5 warriors. i realy like like the hive fleet ouroborous.

    i like the way nids look in earthy tones more than the bright colors i offten see on the game board.

    not sure what colors to use to achive that kind of look.

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    I've always really liked the yellow/black combos that I've seen on 'nids before. Especially if the yellows are done in a more splotchy rather than streaky pattern.

    See January's White Dwarf for something similar to what I'm getting at, though they did it with grey instead of black.

    There was a write up on someone's Tyranid army in White Dwarf a while back that had an outstanding black/yellow scheme to it, but I don't remember the issue and I can't seem to find it now for the life of me. Of course, it looked outstanding, and all the more for my inability to prove it.

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    I have always been a big fan of Kraken. black carapace with red lining, sandy colored skin. The hive mind commands it!

    I have a pic of one of my warriors at the bottom of this page.
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    HMM... thanks every body for your help. Mastahh B i like the way the warrior looks although if i do that i would proably do a more teracota-ish red on the carapace.

    also i realy like the black plus any other color too but i see it to often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by generiUser View Post
    HMM... thanks every body for your help. Mastahh B i like the way the warrior looks although if i do that i would proably do a more teracota-ish red on the carapace.

    also i realy like the black plus any other color too but i see it to often.
    Might take a peak at my gallery. I did some tryanids in a more sandy desert color style. Just some tan and brown colors, with the occasional bright (for the mines). If you're looking at more earthy colors, you might start with a light tan for the body pieces, then go with terra cotta and dark earth brown for the armor plates.

    You could always google up some lizard pictures, or maybe scorpions. Then just use a color picker to figure out what some of the colors are. Then work from there.

    Edit: Just realized the termagants weren't in the gallery. They can be found in this thread.
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    ok. thx. i looked up some scorpions and found thisnice bright tan color for "flesh"or watever you might call it. and a nice dark color for the carapace.

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    There is a really nice color scheme in the new White Dwarf that I am adopting for my Kroot in my Tau army. It looks great on Nids in my opinion and is realtively quick. It honestly depends on what you are looking for . If you want to spend a ton of time on your nids, every single one, then pick a CS that takes a lot more work. For me, I just want to get an army on the table, so my color scheme for my Tau are going to be simplier.

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    well since its only about 40 models i might take my time and make them look as good as i can. Actualy im planning to post a plog once i get home in about a week.

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    does any one know how to contact the guy who made this site as i realy would like to find out what colours he used for hive fleet Ouroborus.

    thx rich

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    hey guys thanks for all the input im thinking a bout starting a plog on them soon. not sure if i will though idk we'll see.

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    i think a more "poisonus" colorscheme would look brutal on the battlefield, drop the earthly colors (boring) and use much bright colors (cool!) . google some poisonus bugs, or toads, and you know what im talking about

    otherwise, of course one "Alien" looking scheme is never wrong... good luck with the army!

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    If you are looking for Quick methods then look towards Spraycans of paint from Either Plasicote or Montana Gold.
    Plaicoate do an "Antique White" which is like a bleached bone, great for a general basecoat.
    Montana Gold have 100's of colours as they are an acrylic "Graffitti Artists" paint. (NOt Condoning illegality here)

    Painting armies, even a smallish one like 40 figures can be a pain, try to make it a colour scheme that you will not get bogged down in hard work trying to achieve and that you willl be happy with once finished.
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