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    Thanks Sicks for the comments. sometimes if feels like no one is actually looking at my work.

    I finished the second shoulder pad. i think i have to rework some of the stuff i did on the hand. i wasn't happy with how it came out.


    pics of the hand.

    I hope to do more work on it this weekend.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tee888 View Post
    Thanks Sicks for the comments. sometimes if feels like no one is actually looking at my work.
    I wouldn't worry mate. If other people are anything like me they look over every new post. The main reason I don't comment a lot of the time is because saying 'it looks great!' over and over again seems a little redundant, and I don't often have anything more constructive to say.

    That said, the shoulder pad looks great! Those teeth give it a very disturbing character.
    I fear you might be right with the hand. The eight pointed star doesn't seem to have the same attention to detail as the rest of your GS work. Maybe make some of the points into nurgley tendrils and pustules.

    How much more work on the model do you think you have to do? Can't wait to see some paint on this big guy!

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    Yeah, basically what fox said, also i tend to look through all the threads and have to go off and do something before I've had time to reply to anything, I'm sure people are watching but also i think there's only a small portion of people that can sculpt well so that this point in your project it's hard to offer any advice

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    Following your work for some time now. But all I can say is wow; wauw; etc... so that's why I don't post replies that much.



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    Hi Fox, Sicks, and Gino, Thank you for your posts! I really do appreciate that your watching my progress. Thanks again for letting me know you guys are watching!

    I finished the hand and I am currently wrapping my head around on what I want to do to the other arm.

    RE: Fox, I still have to work out some ideas on the second arm, i need to finish the pilot, and decide on if I want a second weapon or shield for the torso. I have been bouncing back and forth on it.

    I think is should be done with all the conversion work in the next week or two. then i need to start painting it.


    Thanks again for the input and comments.


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    Argggh....just show us the whole thing together!

    Love all the little eyes, mouths mutations and growths you have going on and can't wait to see the full piece.

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    Best of the eyes yet. Practice makes perfect.

    I, too, am looking forward to seeing this whole monstrosity assembled.

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    Ill say it again and again and never get tired,your seemless putty work yields some amazing mutated results.excellent tee!!!

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    Thanks everyone for the Awesome comments! I really do appreciate them.

    I stared work on one of the arms. I am not sure whats conversions I will do to it yet. I figure I will decide once I get it mostly built.
    I am happy with my progress tonight. I think I am close to the end of the conversion/building process and will get to start on painting soon.
    I broke out my paints tonight to prepare to use them soon and a bunch of them have dried out. So I ordered replacement paints.
    They should be here before i finish all the conversions I hope.

    pic of the new arm. I have to say. I like the articulation GW put into it.


    more work to be done this weekend I hope.


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    Progress!! Yaa... Works been taking up most of my time until tonight.
    I continued working on the Gatling arm tonight.

    I made a bunch of progress on it. I will most likely finish it tomorrow.



    I had an issue with the flamer not gluing correctly. So i made some additions nozzles out of plastic tube.




    As you can see in the pics I still have some cleaning to do.

    Thanks for looking at my project.


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    You green stuff , convert and sculpt as good as the box art professional paint. You have this in your blood and genetic code. You envision things like an architect sees misshapen structures at a mere glance. I'm tipping my hat and bowing again because this thread is outrageous tee!!!

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    Thanks Man!
    I really appreciate your comments. it's been hard working on the mini as of late.
    I recently loss both my step father and my 2nd mother in the last few weeks to canser.
    I started working on the mini tonight and hope to have an update soon..



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    Hi man,

    Sorry to hear about your loses. Life just ain't fair sometimes. I hope you can find some distraction and comfort in this great hobby of ours. Being able to convert/sculpt like you must give you a better (good) feeling.

    Hang in there,


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    I feel your pain tee. Lost both of mine to it as well!!! Not in such a close proximity though. I'm gutted for you . The one thing cancer CANNOT kill is the soul . That's why it's always so ruthless no matter how hard it can't take the spirit nor can it take the memories left behind that the loved one keep close to heart. So while cancer runs its course and eventually dies on the vine the memories and spirit live on. You tell me who wins that fight

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    sorry for your loss tee
    more pics here if you want a squiz http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/jason

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    That is hard in such a short span of time. You have my sympathy. Although, that is 2 more folks watching out for you and yours and 2 more familiar faces to welcome you and show you around when it's your turn Those that go before us stand with us in our times of greatest need. I swear. I can't prove it, but i know it with all my heart and soul.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Thank you everyone for the nice thoughts!
    I know at least they are not in pain or suffering anymore and that makes it a bit easier.

    I made some progress last night. I saw a post on DAKKADAKKA of someones nurgle titan knight.
    I was inspired by it so i started making changes to the missile pack like they did.

    here is my progress so far.


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    I started work on the missile pack again tonight.
    Making the teeth is a lot like making rivets. very time consuming.
    Well on the plus side i almost done making teeth for this part.

    Here is where i am at now.

    now i have to wait till the green stuff to dry and then make some more teeth.
    I hope to have it done later tonight.

    Thanks for watching!


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    So I finished the teeth on the missile pack.
    I am pretty happy with how it came out.

    I still have a little more green stuff work to do but all in all its good.


    Well more work to come tomorrow i hope!


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    Sorry I have not had any real updates as of late.
    It has been hard to get into the mood of working on the mini lately.

    I started to read and listen to stuff on the Horus Heresy to get me back into the mood to continue work on the Nurgle Titan Knight.

    I realized today that i need to make a base for this thing at some point.
    I have never been really good at making bases.

    I want to make some kind of base that incorporates the battle of Isstvan V/Drop Site Massacre.

    If anyone had any ideas/suggestions for a base that incorporates this please give me your suggestions.

    I hope to have more progress soon.


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