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    Default Silmarillion 1st aged Elven Themed Armies

    Greetings everyone,

    So, my fellow One Ring community member Gandalf the Grey proposed that I consider creating my own WIP here on CMON, mainly for the great feedback it provides.

    Without further ado, let us begin. Before I do though, here is a link to my One Ring WIP thread,

    I will copy and paste one post I made in this WIP thread.

    So I'm going to be giving a synopsis and summary of what I ultimately want my First age themed Elven army to look like, troop selection, heroes and all.

    All of the pics below are mainly all mini's that need to be stripped and prepared to be painted.

    Also, please bear with my rambling, haha.

    1. The primary leader of my army will be Fingolfin. This figure is actually complete, as you can see in my WIP.
    - His troops will consist of GW's High elves

    2. Fingon, Fingolfin's son, will be proxied by the Elladan model on horseback.
    -His company will consist of GW's Rivendell Knight's.
    -Gwindor, an important character in the Silmarillion, will be proxied by a simple Elf captain of the Rivendell Knights set. He will be next to Fingon.
    -no pictures because I still need to assemble them.

    3. For the Last Alliance models of Elrond and Gil-Galad, I'm still not 100% sure what I am going to do with them. I think I will use them both as simple High elf captain proxies.
    -@DMS or ukfreddybear, didn't you guys do a converted mounted Gil-Galad conversion? That's something I may be interested in as it could go as a nice addition with Fingon's company, since Gil-Galad is fingon's son.

    Now, here comes the juicy part. The force of Gondolin.

    4. Turgon, the other son of Fingolfin will obviously lead this force.
    -I will be using GW's Rumil as the proxy for him, with the GOTGC as his Guards.
    -Elenmakil, a higher ranking guard in this house will be proxied using the Haldir model.

    Within my Gondolin force, I will be including many of the leaders of the various houses within this realm. Much of my color scheme inspiration and ideas will be coming from the two links below: ... -307522956 ... -507040894

    -Here is a pic for the main army of Gondolin.

    -the little pieces of paper in front of the models are labels for some of the leaders of the Houses of Gondolin. They include: Salgant(House of the Harp), Egalmoth(House of the Heavenly Arch), Galdor(House of the Tree), Rog(House of the Hammer of Wrath), and Penlod(Houses of the Pillar and Tower of Snow).

    -The archers will be lead by Duilin(House of the Swallow).

    -GW's Galadhrim Knights will be proxies for Glorifindel's company. I will be using GW's mounted Glorifindel for him obviously. Glorfindel was the leader of the House of the Golden Flower.

    -Ecthelion, leader of the House of the Fountain will be proxied by GW's Mirkwood captain(BOFA). I will be using GW's Mirkwood guards for these proxies.

    Finally, the last smaller faction will be lead by Finrod Felagund, Lord of Nargothrond.
    -I haven't given too much thought for this faction, but I kind of want to use Thunderbolt miniatures as the proxies for this force. I will see though.

    So that is the plan for the future. Currently, I am trying out various different NMM and overall color styles, color schemes. As I gather up all of these different looks of NMM armor and clothing, I will then go on to choose the various different schemes based on Tolkien's words from the Silmarillion.

    Anyways, here are the pictures

    Red NMM:

    Silver NMM:

    Gold NMM:

    Dark Blue Silver NMM:

    Red cloth:

    Light Blue NMM silver:

    There you have it guys.

    Tell me what you think!

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    Hi mate and welcome to the forum. Gandalfs right this place is a gold mine of knowledge and I'm sure you'll take something away from it. The NMM looks good (I like the dark blue and red particularly) maybe push your top highlight a little more to add extra bling. Have a look at Persifals thread for some inspiration.


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    A whole army like that... you'll go mad (I tried it with rackham armies that were much smaller and was painful at the end. For LotR I went a much simpler way (

    but good luck to it as the result will look awesome when finished.

    one small advice: if you don't already have, I'd invest in a good Airbrush + learn the fast technique that AG uses from his FB step-by-steps or from his book (or both).
    With a simple masking the steps needed to do one model could be brought down to:
    - AB the base armor, then the highlights (here you need good control of an AB)
    - line in the panels(black between the armor plates) + edges(le white part )
    - mask the whol armor
    - AB the cloak carefully
    - add any shades / highlights that are missing.

    Ohh and from your nmm armors I love the red and the gold the most.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    thank guys.

    I am definitely considering getting an airbrush in the future, but right now, I think that I like using a brush.

    Also, when I get back home from vacation, I am raring to try the "Loaded Brush technique" theorized by the Painting Buddha. I love the NMM yt tutorials they just came out with.

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    Question for you guys with experience doing NMM. For priming purposes, do you prefer priming in black, or white? I have mainly primed my miniatures in white, but seeing the painting buddha tutorials, I am thinking of trying a black primer.


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    doesn't matter at all. The first step is a homogenious middle/base color anyway.
    I like black only because if I forget some deep recess, it's not that noticable as with grey/white.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Ok, so I just came back from a 5 week vacation, and I decided to try out wet blending straight away. I got a lot of my ideas on wet blending on the painting buddha videos from youtube. I highly recommend them to everyone who want to up their painting game.

    Anyways, I decided to paint a darker red color cloth.

    I'm going to try a much lighter shade red cloth later today, I'll update you guys with that soon.

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    I like a darker red for cloth, highlighting to at most a subtle orange, keeping the shadows dark help the look. Your NMN gold is looking nice, go dark in the middle point directly below your white dot highlight.

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    thanks. i forgot to mention to ignore the NMM, haha. That was NMM done like last year lol.

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    Alright, just did some NMM gold.

    Also, I'm trying a color scheme that depicts Feanor's fellow noldor. According to most artwork of Feanor, the common colors include reds, blacks, golds and yellows.

    The gold NMM is the only part done btw, the other colors simply have a basecoat on.

    Also, I do have a question for you guys. What color do you guys think I should go with for the sash in the middle of the elf? I was thinking a yellow cloth? Any suggestions?

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    Unless it's described otherwise in books I'd rather go with a pastely yellow-green.(based on the color wheel and what I know about contrast in colors)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Ok guys, here you go. This one is basically finished, except the middle sash, which i'm still contemplating on a color to use. I was thinking a yellow color, will try it out tomorrow.

    Tell me what you guys think about this, and the color scheme. I really like how this came out and am thinking of using it for Feanor's elves.

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    Alright, so it's safe to say I'm finally finished with this guy.

    I just spent about 3 hours or so doing freehand work on the shield. This was my first time seriously attempting freehand, so tell me what you guys think.

    Also, I ended up going with a dark blue color for the sash.

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    Really coming along mate. Put some mid tone colour on to the gold NMM on the shield, a little too light and dark at the minute. Maybe a touch more shade on the red also on the shield to make the centre highlight stand out more.
    you really are making some great steps at the minute.

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    Thanks mally, will make the adjustments on the shield as you recommended.

    For the overall color scheme and look of the figure, I am pretty pleased with the color combinations. The two things that I think I will change is the black on the inner cloak and the red cloak itself. I think the black is a little lack luster and I'm not exactly sure how to make it "pop," so I think I will change the inner part to a darkish blue, perhaps the same color as the sash. For the red cloak, I like how it is a bright red, but it is lacking a lot of contrast. I started it with the lightest highlight color, so I think I'm going to basecoat it next time with a slightly darker red so there will be a bit more contrast.

    This is a question for you guys as well. If there is anything that you could change about this figure, meaning the specific colors and shades, what would it be?

    thanks guys.

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    Aw some dark blue in the shades, toward the deeper areas, it will add some contrast.
    Red is tricky but a general rule of thumb is to highlight up to your brightest red when doing cloth. Plenty of mid tone colours to show the transition

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    Just tried a different NMM Gold, this one actually came from Gandalf the Grey from his NMM Gold tutorial on his blog.

    and a comparison shot of the two different types of Gold

    I guess this goes out to Gandalf. Since this is your recipe, looking at the Gold, is there something you would add or change?

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    The recipe is actually Tommi Soules. Darker in the shadows mate, all the way to black a touch of purple close to the black area

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