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    Looking good there Tee! Can't wait to see the whole thing put together!

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    Hi DChan,

    The round metal studs I used are silver or gold nail beads I got off amazon. they have all different kinds of colors and sizes. Also they are not too expensive.
    I drill a small hole about 1/2 thru the styrene and the super glue the nail bead in place.


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    I got too work on the knight a little today I worked on the canopy and the shoulder armor.
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    I'm hoping to finish up most of the rest of the work and start putting down the primer.

    Thanks for looking.


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    I got sometime to work on it this weekend.
    I made a few minor changes to some of the parts.
    I also laid down some primer to help find the pesky mold lines and imperfections.

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    I'm hoping to get the arms and head done next week.

    Thanks for watching.


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    Looking good! I really like those spines growing out of the carapace

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tee888 View Post
    Hi DChan,

    The round metal studs I used are silver or gold nail beads I got off amazon. they have all different kinds of colors and sizes. Also they are not too expensive.
    I drill a small hole about 1/2 thru the styrene and the super glue the nail bead in place.


    Thanks for the info! The new update is looking good as well, it's nice to see each step of the process.

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    Thanks guys!
    I got to do a little work on it last night and this morning. mostly just putting down base colors.
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    Name:  IMG_0979.JPG
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    Still have a few most layers of yellow to put on.

    Name:  IMG_0981.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_0982.JPG
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    Thanks for looking


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    I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on your knight. I used to build Legos when I was a kid, and seeing a knight put together piece by piece like this brings me back to those times.

    WIP Thread

    "I wonder if there's beer on the sun."

    - Zap Rowsdower

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    I worked on the iron knight a little over the weekend.

    I finished getting the yellow to where i was happy with it.
    Name:  IMG_0983.JPG
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    I then started working on the chevrons. My hats off to people who do this.
    Man fighting with the liner tape was murder.
    Name:  IMG_0985.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_0988.JPG
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    I then worked on painting it black.
    Name:  IMG_0989.JPG
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    Wen i went to remove the liner tape from the leg piece it took all the paint off.
    I am so pissed off right now. I even put a coat of dulcoat over the yellow to protect it from doing something like this.
    Name:  IMG_0990.JPG
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    I also paint the missile pack and pilot.
    Name:  IMG_0991.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_0992.JPG
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    Well I'm going to start all over on the leg armor after i remove all the paint.

    Thanks for watching. Have a good one.


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    That sucks about the tape ripping the paint up. It was looking really good on that piece and the other piece that looks like it survived the tape looks great with the chevrons

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    Hey Tee! This looks fantastic mate. Sorry about the tape + paint rip, that sucks! May I ask what kind of tape you are using?

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    Nice progress! Sorry about the tape though, it's always frustrating to see that happen.

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    I know that sinking feeling when you put hours into a project and something goes wrong. I’m usually too impatient to wait a full day before masking over a freshly painted surface so I only use Tamiya tape or low tack painters tape. Even then I’ll stick it to my shirt 2 or 3 times to reduce the stickiness before placing on a miniature. After painting military armour for a few years I just paint mistakes in my chipping colours and call it battle damage.

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    Hey Guys! Thanks for the support. The tape thing kind of sucked. On another note.
    I got the new Ghazghkull box set. I have been waiting for years for them to make a better version of him.
    So I am putting the knight on the side until i do Ghaz. Then ill come back to it and by then i wont be angry at the whole tape thing.

    Gorb. I can't remember what brand of tape it was. I also have some Tamiya that is basically the same thing.

    I also felt like he was slacking a little bit in the Dakka department. He is the prophet of Gork and Mork.
    So I added a flamer to his awesome quad gun.

    As always I am making some minor changes it Ghaz. I really did not like the whole standing sideways thing.
    So i tweeked him a little bit and filled in the gaps I made.
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    More Pics.

    I hope to work on him more thru the weekend.

    As always thanks for looking.

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    Lovely work tee t dude - I can’t wait to see your take on ghaz

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    Thanks BAM,

    I don't think I will be doing a lot of conversions on ghaz, I have an idea on how I am going to do his boss pole tho.
    I am really happy with the new mini for him. It's about time GW gave him some serious love.


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    I got to do a little work on Ghaz lastnight and this morning.

    I am mostly finished updating his claw arm. My prophet of Gork and Mork needs more klaw!

    Name:  IMG_1019.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_1020.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_1021.JPG
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    just need to add a little detail gubins and to the arm.

    Thanks for looking.


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    nice mods on ghaz, looking forward to the paint.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again https://www.instagram.com/coyotepaints/

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