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    Default GW Ogre Kingdoms Flesh mix

    Anyone remember the 'official' mix for the GW Ogre skin? I quite like it and I can't find the issue of WD that has it. Also couldn't find it on their website at all. I bought a bunch of stuff of that shady character Supervike and when/if it arrives I'd like to paint it in the same style as the studio stuff. Thanks to anyone!

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    I think that's it. 3:1 mix of graveyard earth and shadow grey. highlighted by adding kommando khaki. keep adding KK and then wash the recesses with Scorched brown.

    Cheers, Gary.

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    I hope you use that mix on the DragonRune Ogres too.....they'd look spiffy!

    All the stuff is in the capable hands of the USPS now....the army is marching towards the great white north!

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    Yup, recipe as above, but the shade could be better IMO.

    Rather than use brown, use a thinned liche purple / black / shadow grey mix (that last colour helps tie it to the base colour) - you can see where I've used it on my butcher with the standard recipe:

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