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    So Heres a Sicarius model.

    I'm doing him clearly to the Ultramarines look. However there are a couple of things i'm doing to make him a little more.. unique.. but not really :P

    I have the two arms separate, and also the backpack with the banner separate.

    I followed a guide by Joe (from eavy metal) on how he painted a Sicarius model for a masterclass(you can find this on their website in the white dwarf download section.)

    I didn't use every thing he used. But a couple ideas. I have never painted a Space Marine before so i followed his recipe for the armour. Taking it to my own extremes. Starting with regal blue, shading with My own wash i made(still refining it) then highlighting by adding ultramarines blue, then pure ultramarines, then adding space wolves grey, then on the very edges just space wolves grey. Using glazes of Regal blue to tie everything back together.

    I'm doing alot of greens on the mini, and unlike everyone else, i'm not doing NMM. There will be "Faux" metal parts. like on the cloth i will be doing a gold trim(first time doing free hand!) and on the banner with the eagle and skull. I may add a free hand pattern to the inside of the cloak, but am unsure wether or not i should. I'm trying to paint this miniature to get a 7 on CMON. ( i tend to only get 6.5) and so am implementing new techniques. I also figured some more things out on GIMP, and i think my pictures will be a little better for when i'm done.

    Any advice, is definitely appreciated! I want to get this into the 7's (maybe 8's!) and i need your guy's help to push me to that.

    Cheers, Gary.

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    looks good so far. be careful with the trim on the cloak, keep it neat and sharp

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    Looks good so far. One thing though: I know you're trying for shadows underneath the ropes across the chest, but it comes across as looking unfinished. Might want to touch that up some.

    Also, the face has some very deep and defined shadows. This could be a deliberate stylistic choice, or it might need a bit more blending. I'm not sure myself.

    On a second look, it could just be the lighting of the picture...
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    Nice work so far. Maybe you could highlight the laurels.

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    Thanks guys!

    @Prophecy: Yah i'll touch up those areas, they seemed a bit weak to me as well. And yes the face has alot of contrast. As i was painting it i wanted that at first. But the more i look at it, the more i don't like it! haha

    @Cheelfy: Yah i'll get to the greens in a bit! haha So far all i've painted are basecoats and all the blues and the face. I'll retouch the blue areas and the face though. (the face isn't done anyways)

    @Freak: Yah if you look in the cape pic, it looks as though it curves a little too far up, and doesn't really flow with the cape at that one corner. I'll have to fix that. Highlighting hasn't happened yet, so hopefully it works out!

    Cheers guys, Gary.

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    like the face very well done
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    Heres an update!

    Cheers, Gary.

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    Man... looking at that face now... I kinda wonder what the hell i was on when i painted it! haha, It looks REALLY strange. that'll teach me for painting at 3 in the morning!

    I'm definitley redoing the face!

    Cheers. Gary.

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    LOL! just about mention it, he look like a transvestite the day after with one hell of a hangover

    Edit: I just cant stop laughing, no offence! its very good painted but just not 'right'
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    Quote Originally Posted by obsidianpainting View Post
    Man... looking at that face now... I kinda wonder what the hell i was on when i painted it! haha, It looks REALLY strange. that'll teach me for painting at 3 in the morning!

    I'm definitley redoing the face!

    Cheers. Gary.
    good idea, definitely doesn't look right, not that it's horrible, just looks a bit off
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    I think i was focusing, at the time :P, on more or so hitting the raised areas and MAKING SURE, i left the crevices dark. Then i wanted to add colour, so purple, blue and red were added in random places(remember this was 3 in the morning, running the previous day off of 3 hours of sleep)

    haha, this is quite entertaining. I'm going to redo the face like i painted my archaon model. (view gallery) That should make it look decent! haha.


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    Hey guys!

    Been a while since i added to this. But here we go!

    I've done quite a bit. Pretty much finished the body, and the left hand, and the banner.

    However i'm looking to improve my painting skills, so any comments critique and advice is well taken in! i'm trying to get ATLEAST a 7 on this mini. so yah.
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    and more photos.
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    That's nice but I think you could highlight more the face to make it look brighter, it looks actually a bit dark to me. You could also do some highlights on his backpack.

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