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    Yeah Im making the second concept for bio blade.

    BTW heres the cervical lash arms.

    I opted to make lots of vertebraes since there are so many uses for them in a converter hands that I could not miss this oportunity.

    You may wonder why cervical main arm is so strait and not bended at all and let me try to explain why its sculpted this way.

    THe obvious reason is that its easier for casting but theres also a extra purpose... THese are for you to bend the way you want those lashes so instead of having a pre bended whip that looks the same over and over again you have the option to have tons of diferent bended whips in your collection... Also if you want to complement the xenomorph heads on small critters you can cut half of the cervical lash and use it for tail for amore balanced creature.

    And if your nuts like me you can use the triangular shape of the the vertebraes of the big arm as a starting point for some TMC devourers...

    Hope you like the Big and medium sized cervical arms.

    Oh and I think the heads I done earlier are already for sale on client store, he said its selling well so I guess its agood thing.

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    Hi folks.
    I just finished making a couple pairs of biosword arms for Chapterhouse studios ( they asked me to put alogo on pics I hope its not a problem).

    Instead of just one arm for big and medium sized creatures... we opted to make both left and right versions... also If you noticed and since they are biological arms, they have some diferences between them just to make it more interesting and fresh to the painters.

    Chapterhouse folks asked me to insert some sort of crystal (due to fluff) in some place so the interior side of the swords have them instead of the mysterious eye that is present on the exterior side of the blade...

    Without further talk here are some pictures...

    Some huge zoom in's just for you guys check the texture and detail work

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    Loving the detail on those bioswords! With the right mods they would fit right in on some Chaos possessed or daemon prince with the larger ones.

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    They're really amazing! Very detailed.

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    Brilliant sculpts!

    If I could sculpt half as good as you I'd be happy, guess I should practice more huh?
    My Gallery <IMG SRC=http://www.coolminiornot.com/rank.php?name=mickc22> Paragon Studios

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    Wicked! Beautifully looking.
    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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    Awesome skillz you have there man, truly exellent work

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    Thank you guys.

    I'm currently working on 4 projects simultaneously... for chaptehouse its the pod and a couple more classic whips, then a miniature for a really crazy collector ( love crazy projects) that will be casted and sold to nutties like me ehehe and finally 7 minis for otherworld.
    There are other commissions between these, like a tau/anime/sexy tau gal suit... predalien/anime sexy chick... some bases and a couple minis still not in the agenda.

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    Just wow. Those sculpts are amazing. Would love to see you finish the little dice gobbo. Think that one's a fun idea.

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    Hi folks another sculpt ready to be casted and produced.

    This project was really as freaky cool as it gets... I was aproached by David the owner of Displaced Miniatures to make a miniature for his collection and also to be casted and distributed by Black Cat Bases... so far so good nothing really diferent from the ussual comission... well thats because you dont know David HEHEHE.

    Lets just say if you think Im nuts about bugs then multiply that a thousand times and you have the most funny guy EVER!... Although is poison is freaky, Pulpy-Mars-attack-space-monsters-with-legs-and-tentacles... I had the absolute pleasure to receive the tons of emails from David during the execution of this comission and each of them either had lots of cool space monsters atached or we just talked about common things like... bugs, monsters, warts, big foot...etc!

    Man oh man it was some of the best mails I have received!
    So this project was so damn fun to execute that I got draggd into this world of crazyness ( my other clients are going to kill me because I'm weeks behind the shedule)

    So there you have, it a multipart CEPHALOARACHNID from space... let the Pulpy wars begin!

    And a huge Zoom to pick up the flaws.

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    Now that was one of the cutest Cthuloid bugs I've ever seen! +10!
    Quote Originally Posted by TrystanGST View Post
    The secret? Practice, and a desire to get better. A little talent goes a long way, but as long as you're open to advice, you can do amazing things.

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    Hi folks, after a little pause I got back to the sculping side of things... I started to catch up some delayed projects, I had on the table, and this is one of them:

    Client: http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com/

    Project: Xeno bases

    I was aproached by Secret Weapon folks and after we talked a bit we decided to go with some Xeno styled bases and display plinths to go with their range of cool bases & stuff...
    So I got my hands dirty and made this set of Xeno bases ( I dont know what will be the final name for this set)... was a blast and I can say we are planing more projects fo the future.
    These pictures are a pre preview / non official snaps I made ( I think only 2 bike bases will change a bit but its very close to the final thing).
    Hope you guys like them for your ripley miniatures or bugs or xeno related stuff.

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    Eye popping goodness!

    I think Justin will definately get some more of my money once these are good to go.

    Just love them.

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    wow, superb stuff. had a real fluidity to it as if it's all spreading out

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    They are extremely awesome mate.

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    Absolutely fantastic!

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    Glad you liked them I tried to make them both very detailed but also very functional... Sometimes people that makes bases forget that above nice decorations you have to make them functional. Its a balance and I hope these are easy to use but also interesting to look at.

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    I just can't stop looking at these bases and look forward to having them cast in resin. Of course now I'm going to have trouble avoiding the 'Nid bits I have on my shelf which will bring the total number of unfinished armies in my collection to 4. Sigh.

    Thanks again for the great work on these - I really do look forward to more projects!

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    I've had so many people ask me about pre-orders that I've launched it ahead of schedule:


    Thanks for all of the feedback and comments on this one. You can be sure that I'll have Navarro working on more products this year!

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