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    i have photos but am sorting them out now. may have to do some tmr in the light. since i have a new comp i don't have the same photo editing software that i had before so i is taking ages and i don't have the patience atm

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    Woo-hoo! Got six space marines done!

    Not going to post them, as they're totally bad. They'd been spray painted several times, and the details were starting to disappear. So, whip 'em out in a test scheme for... for... I forget what for, but they're painted after 6+ months! Or was it 10?
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    So far:
    20 Imperial Guardsmen
    1 Imperial Guard Captain
    1 Marine Captain
    1 Vendetta
    1 Ork Nob
    1 Ork Waaaghboss
    2 Leman Russ
    1 Space Wolf Terminator for a friend
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    I actually have things to post!

    Working on my WoC army for our club tournament (horribly behind my painting schedule btw) and have some finished models to add to my list at long last!
    6 Warriors of Tzeentch
    1 Chaos Troll
    1 Chosen Champion (Harry the Hammer conversion)

    By the end of the painting frenzy I should have another 3 Trolls, 4 Warriors, and one Sorc Lord painted. I will be touching up/finishing a number of models from last year's list as well, including some Marauder Cavalry and Chosen.

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    nice one, be sure to post them

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    So far? None hahaha! But I have a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, one Kagunk, and that's it... almost done. now accepting commissions!

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    Thunderfire cannon: done
    Grey Knights Termies
    Tac Squad
    SM Battleforce

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    I've finally been busy this year ... making up for the "WOW years."

    Eight large scale garage kits:
    Dark Elf Queen #1 -
    Dark Elf Queen #2 -
    Kibakurou -
    Vampire's Kiss -
    Smells Like Victory -
    Miss Muffet -
    Alien Pile -
    Kamael Final Form -
    And, 25 gaming miniatures for my current D&D campaign -

    Hopefully, I can continue to keep the pace and not find any WOW-like distractions.

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    wow, you have been at it!!

    just finished 4 hazmats from hasslefree. pics tmr if i can be arsed

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    i have completed:
    15 termagaunts
    15 imperial guardsmen
    1 captain sicarius
    about 48 chaos warriors
    4 fire giant figures from Wotc from way back
    And am working on a Sanguinor mini. I would post pictures but i can't find my camera. I will eventually have pictures though. I think the sicarius model is one of my best minis to date. However i think the sanguinor mini puts it out of the water. Which really impresses myself as i wasn't aware i was capable of such blending madness!


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    now finished 5 nbc copplestone figs and 5 copplestone troopers

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    I'm on fire I think.

    - Tau xv9 battle suit
    - Tau broadside
    - 10 wolves
    - ... can't remember the rest.

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    1 Niall Stormcaller - Complete Gift
    1 Classic Eldar Harlequin - Complete Personal Collection
    1 Gazgull Thrakka - Complete Commission
    1 Wyvern Repair - Complete Favour
    1 Dark Elf Hydra Repair - Complete Favour
    1 Christopher Ecclescake - Heresy Doctor Who Look alike - Complete Commission
    1 Freebooter Limited Edition Flamenco Dancer Complete Gift
    1 Classic Ral Partha Ki-Rin - Complete Personal Collection
    1 Privateer Press: Kaya the Moonhunter Salute 2010 Complete Competition piece
    1 Gamezone: Gloria-Invicta Salute 2010 Complete Competition piece
    1 Combat Stress Charity "Reverse Arms" FigureComplete Personal Collection
    1 Foundry Goblin (Tiny & Cute) Complete Personal Collection
    1 Black Scorpion Sheriff:Complete Personal Collection (Moustaches rule OK)
    1 Reaper Olivia, Cleric.Complete Personal Collection (Klockenbooty , No brainer really)
    2 XXXX XXXX Figures (Customisation) Reworked, glue still isn't holding - Gift(s)
    1 GDUK 40K single Figure Entry Competition piece
    1 GDUK LOTR Entry Competition piece
    1 GDUK OPEN Entry Competition piece
    1 Micro Arts Studios Nanny Ogg on Broomstick (Speed Painted piece for a review)
    1 GW High Elf Hero Local Competition piece
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    I spend more time sculpting than painting but so far I have painted.....

    3 Old School Chaos Warriors (Nurgle)
    1 Bust in Progress ("In The Shadows" that I sculpted)

    I think I have improved a little bit since I painted my Empire wizard. At least I have read and watched a lot anyway!!!


    My Gallery Here

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    BPI Completed Minis 2010:

    3x Citadel Fiend Factory - Red Orc
    1x Warzone - Mutant Chronicles - Imperial Army Regular
    1x Citadel Fiend Factory - Goblin w/ Spear-Sword
    1x GW Banshee
    3x GW Empire Militia (Mop Boy, Flogging A Dead Horse, Nosebleed)
    1x Citadel Milkmaid
    1x Rast (GW Tyranid Gargoyle conversion)
    1x GW Kroot Carnivore
    1x Hasslefree Demon Kids - Vampire Meg
    1x GW Mordor Orc
    3x GW Bretonnian Archers & a brazier
    1x GW Bretonnian Musician (Drummer)

    Cheers, B.
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    time for my update too then i guess!
    3½ orks
    2 grotz
    1 dragonblood elephant ogre
    1 rachham vlaldar+servant
    1 enigma ahnamoth minotaur
    1 scibor minotaur
    1 enigma primus death
    1 dfb thuggorre bust

    very happy with the progress this year so far!

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    Some of you guys are just churning them out! Can't believe how many some of you paint. So far:
    GW Terminator
    Rackham Varghar
    Studio McVey Pan

    And wip:
    Mk.3 space marine, airbrush pratice basically
    And a Grenadier Guard, Inkerman 1854 from Latorre Models, a birthday gift for my dad's 50 birthday

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    Woot! I ACTUALLY got a mini finished! I think I'll have to start setting a goal of one mini (or squad) per month just to get my skills better. Really rather disappointed with how Kit & Kat came out. I'm thinking my primer isn't that great, and led to a very rough surface which led to a rough paint job. Yeah, that's the ticket. The primer is my problem.
    "Reality, she's a mathematical bitch from hell.", MaxedOutMama
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    Want to know when to fry your neurons? My painting twitter will announce the videos.
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    3!..(although lots of half finished stuff!)
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