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    Lightbulb Painted Figure Counts 2010

    I thought it might help encourage some people if we all showed our figure counts for this year, also you can place any vote links on here aswell.

    28mm ECW 40 Pike and shote
    ECW Saker and 3 crew
    WW1 Dio 6 figures
    Tea Wars Display 11 figures /245739/245741/245742
    25 Imp Guard (2 squads plus cmd)
    10 Spacewolves
    1 Hasslefree poledancer
    1 101st Airbore warlord games
    4 1/35th PMC assault figures
    1 1/6th WW2 Comando Bust
    15mm Flames of War 5 Panzers IVs
    1 Tiger Tank

    If you want to join in reply in this thread then edit your post with any new stuff and vote links
    (some people go for quality over quantity but we still want you to join in)
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    Come join the Fun

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    7 For display and a tabletop quality Raven Guard army.

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    Default slow start

    Got the GW Empire battalion box set and GW Empire general box set for Christmas.

    Clocked 17 hours of painting this year, and so far have painted just 60% of ONE of the generals...must be the slowest painter in the history of CMON

    At this rate I should have them all done by Christmas next year!

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    Since january 1st :

    7 minis :

    Morathi on Pegasus
    Supreme Sorceress
    Death Hag + 2 Hags

    Not really going for quantity over quality, see WIP :

    I have 2 Bataillon to paint, and many more
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    OHHHHHH this year??? Sorry all that stuff was for 09.
    2 display pieces then. 1/2 way through a third. I also painted an imperial guardsman for my teacher in about three hours a few days ago.

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    Completed or started? Since ths is the WiP-part, I mean.

    I have none completed, but 9 Sisters and 10 Blood Claws basecoated. Of course, none of them will be used as such, but they're begun.

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    Great thread. Here's to hoping it survives the year so we can see our totals at the end of the year.

    So far this year I have completed:

    1 Wyvern w/ Orc Warboss
    6 man Imperial Guard Command Squad
    3 Pulp City minis
    11 man Norse Blood Bowl Team
    1 Orc Chariot
    12 man Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team
    2 IG Commissars
    15 IG Storm Troopers
    11 Infinity Ariadna minis
    1 Savage Orc Shaman

    So 63 in total.
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    21! wow...
    ive painted one nob so far, and i'm pretty happy with how fast that dude was finished
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkelettetS View Post
    ive painted one nob so far,
    i have nearly finished a group of 5 russians in a mini dio. they will probably be the last thing i actually finish though

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    So far:

    120 - 20mm modern british troops (afghanistan)
    90 - Taliban

    I still have 40 odd figures to do for this commission then its complete.

    Half painted 2 - 120mm WWII british Paras for another commission.

    Of my own, nothing. I've purchased a few things ready for the show season.

    @Tim/Freakinacage: You must have already beaten you record for last year!

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    Finished? You mean you people finish?

    As long as I don't start a vehicle I should be ok (regulars should know I'll be doing one though... I can't help it)

    6 Burna Boyz (updated 1-29-10)
    Zagstruk (added 1-26-10)
    10 Gretchin (added 3-28-10)
    Custom Wadakka Biker Boss (added 6-24-10)
    2x Skullhammer Superheavy Tanks
    2x Pulsa Rokkits

    Good idea for a thread btw.
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    your my boogaboo. thanks suki.

    Granite City Waaagh! Fest!
    The Big Mek Manual

    bullets left and I'm comin' for ya!

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    Yeah, I made the count as part of my signature. I had 49 lumps of metal to paint, but I fell off the wagon and bought eight more. Wrong direction, huh? At least my lump plastic didn't go up.

    My low-bar goal is to get 12 minis painted this year. Uh huh. ONE a month! I mean, I better slow down or I might sprain something.

    Anyway, like I said, I've put my progress meter thingy in the sig. Guess I'll have to remember to post here when I actually finish one!
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    possibly. certainly not far off!

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    I've got about 30% of a dreadnought done so far for a competition.

    My New Year's Resolution is to get a 2000 point 40k army painted... I have 110 points done so far, and the dread will make another 195, so I'm getting there!

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    So far I've got about 40% of a model finished this year.

    10% of a Baby Kade which I have pretty much given up on as I can't get it to work the way I wanted. I may go back to it later.

    30% of a Nemetis the Sacrilegious. I plan to finish him by the end of the month.

    I'm aiming to paint 1 figure a month, so at least 12 this year. It'll be 12 more than last year!

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    I painted a Sigvald the magnificent (35 hours) and I'm gonna start a mounted Arwen for youngblood category of next's French GD. That will be my project up to April, I'll spend around 90 hours on it.

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    I'm aiming for the finishing touches of the slaneesh dread this weekend, and finishing the sketches of a few new commissions.
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    The secret? Practice, and a desire to get better. A little talent goes a long way, but as long as you're open to advice, you can do amazing things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrome View Post
    I'm aiming for the finishing touches of the slaneesh dread this weekend, and finishing the sketches of a few new commissions.
    Like mine? Still haven't seen any sketches? Except the potential head, that is.

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    more like this one. XD
    Quote Originally Posted by TrystanGST View Post
    The secret? Practice, and a desire to get better. A little talent goes a long way, but as long as you're open to advice, you can do amazing things.

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    Weird Games - Ghost
    Abaddon the despoiler
    Space hulk termi
    Several resin bases
    Gamezone miniatures vampire
    Imperial Guardsman
    3 Tau battlesuits
    1 Tau Devilfish
    6 Tau fire warriors
    Diorama with the latin name (can't recall the real name, but its in my gallery).

    Not to mention about 15 miniatures on which I started but haven't finished yet.

    Wow I actually paint more than I thought.
    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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