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    Hey guys I am starting up an pen and paper RPG called Mouse Guard, for anyone who has red the Redwall books its kind of like that. Anyway I am looking for some anthro Mice miniatures. I found a small number of them from but I was hoping someone knew of more of them. One thought was to use skaven but they are kind of ugly for what I am looking for and I would have to do a fair amount of greenstuff and I am not very good at that yet, unless someone has some guidelines to help me do the mice. I am not really looking for mice in armor and stuff I don't mind if it is I can work with that but the mice in this game walk on two legs and pretty much just were a cloak, which I can green stuff, and carry a medieval weapon of some sort. Thanks for any help people give.

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    Wow, this is very late to the game, but since your post, Reaper has put out a bunch of mouse (and other animal) minis. I guess they're the new thing in cuteness!

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    How detailed are you looking to get?

    Btw, I love MouseGuard! <3

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