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    Hey people! I'm back after a rather annoying few months of almost total poverty and a chair that had been worn down to the point of explosion when one sat in it! But I'm hopefully back now! I have picked up the brush again and also started doing watercolors, which is lovley... a real treat sitting and painting with that stuff, something I really recommend to all you painters out there!

    So anyways, more good news ! I'm applying to university this year! Hopefully I can get into Philosophy in stockholm! This means moving to stockholm!!!!!! YAYY!! And studying philosophy!!!!!!!! I've been dreaming about studying philosophy for well... almost 6-7 years, and hopefully I can get in. But, I should not be this happy in advance so, but if I do get in, it will be sweeeeeet!

    So, anyways, I'm currently jumping back on the horse with a dusty old guy that i just started before my chair broke. It is a Runepriest(?) from GD, its really neat except that some parts on it is pretty illogical.

    Comment and crits always welcome, sorry for the long read! But I just wanted to write some of this, because my mom and dad are "Supportive" of me going to study philosophy, but you know how it is... I don't think they really approve, and that I'm moving so far away is another contributing factor to it, I suppose. Anyhow, hope you all had a good new years and all that stuff, fantastic stuff really!

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    Good luck on the university. I know i just started back to College last year and it can be tough. Nice to see you picked up a brush again.

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    oh well enjoy uni, it's a great learning experience. and i don't mean lectures

    as for the mini, it looks good enough but the gold sticks out as being grainy. what paint are you using? i would heartily recommend getting some vallejo air colour metals. they are mentally thin and very strongly and finely pigmented

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    should you get into uni here in Stockholm, toss me a PM and we'll play 40k (assuming you do play :P)

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