GW Graveyard Earth and Iyanden Darksun replacements
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Thread: GW Graveyard Earth and Iyanden Darksun replacements

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    Default GW Graveyard Earth and Iyanden Darksun replacements

    Hi guys,

    my first post on the CMON forums, after lurking for a while. I really like the Graveyard Earth color from GW Citadel line, but its coverage is really poor. What color from another company would you recommend as a replacement? "Barbarian Leather" from the Coat d'Arms Fantasy Colors range seems to be a good choice according to Color Match, can you confirm?

    I have no issue with the covering power of Iyanden Darksun, but would like as well to check any alternative paint with similar properties, P3 Sulfuric Yellow maybe?

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    Use a base of khemri brown and then add graveyard earth. You could also try the Vallejo game colour equivelant as a base, not sure of the name though. However, as graveyard earth goes on smooth the poor coverage (it being transparent) will give the advantage that the paint is easy to use for seamless layering. Kommando Khaki is a good highlighting colour that is also transparent.

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    Hammerfall khaki from the P3 paint range (Privateer Press) is a fantastic Graveyard equivalent. Much better coverage, and still goes on smooth.

    Sulfuric Yellow is much brighter than Iyanden Darksun. Moldy Ochre is closer, but I would imagine still a bit lighter. Iyanden-Moldy-Sulfuric is a really nice way to paint faded yellow, they work very well with each other and benefit from the strong basecoat of the Foundation line.

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    Also worth taking a look at are the new extra opaque line of pants from Vallejo

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    Thanks guys, I was indeed thinking of mixing Khemri Brown and Graveyard Earth for a basecoat, will also take a look at the Hammerfall Kaki.

    Ill give the Iyanden Darksun - Moldy Ochre - Sulfuric Yellow a try the next time I'll be painting a model I can afford spending some time on (I do orks, have little painting time and tend to be quite slow...).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugne View Post
    Also worth taking a look at are the new extra opaque line of pants from Vallejo

    Hmmmn Non-transparent trousers, who'd though it.

    Hadn't heard of any extra opaque's from Vallejo, I'll look in to those.
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    Doh! Obviously I meant paints, but such is life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    Hmmmn Non-transparent trousers, I'll look in to those.
    Well, yes, you would have to, wouldn't you? Since they're non-transparent, that is.

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    for GW Graveyard Earth try Reaper Master Series Earth Brown 9029
    for GW Iyanden Darksun try Reaper Master Series Palomino Gold 9074

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    Hi guys - I'm going to ask my own question here, just to save cluttering up the forum with a new topic!

    Are the Vallejo paints that much better than the citadel (GW) line???

    Im soon going to be buying a whole stack of paints, and I really like the eye dropper style of bottles. I can also get the vallejo paints pretty easily, and cheaper than citadel. good is the vallejo game colour range? Ive read lots of good reviews, but they all seemed to be adverts more than genuine reviews.

    Many thanks.

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    @stuhendo : the citadel is really more solid once dry.
    so it depends if you want to play with your minis or just paint for galery or contest.

    Even during painting, i had many surprise with the vallejo.
    A finger sweep and you can have scales in your dryied paint on your mini.
    it depends too on the color. And only experience will tell you.

    But if you have some bases (empty pots, corks or even stoppers) to put your minis (with blue tack for example) during painting in a way to not touch them, it's OK !!!
    you can purchase the vallejos.
    And varnished the figurines after painting to protect them for sure !!!

    Have fun !!!

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