Joek's attempt to start a mini company.
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Thread: Joek's attempt to start a mini company.

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    Default Joek's attempt to start a mini company.

    I though about putting this up in the News section, but it's kinda 'non'-news just at the moment, so general seemed better

    So, back in November '09 I finally decided to get the money together and see if I could commission a sculpt and get it cast up. I'm afraid to say I was swayed greatly by Studio Mcvey, Kingdom Death, Eolith etc so it had to done in resin and it was always going to be a fairly small scale operation. Heck, I work full time in a job I love, so this is really an extension of the hobby for me!

    But, it's been quite incredibly how things have come along! The sculpt has been finished, and it's been wonderfully created by Kul Asyrk (he's posted it up on CMON here: I suspect the character I chose will not need much in the way of explanation, but I'm happy calling him an elf lord at the moment! I'm going off to see the castors tomorrow (well, if the weather doesn't decide to screw up the plans), and I'll be in business.

    Well, sort of.

    The fact is that for the forseeable future there will be no money in this venture at all. All the sales of the figures goes back into the pot to begin work on the second figure. And then the third, and then it goes on! Certainly the initial cast run is limited to 100 - a necessity given my budget, but also enough to get the next one done.

    Anyway, it's all very, very exciting for me and I can only hope there's a few of you out there who like the figure enough to buy one. There is a chance that the 100 I cast will possibly be the ONLY 100 ever made...hopefully not though !

    Price-wise, I'm not completely sure yet, although it'll be in the £10 price range, plus a bit of postage. I'm trying to keep everything down as much as I can, but until I get the final stuff from the casting co' we'll have to see.

    So, please feel free to pop over to the web-site (linked in my sig...obviously!), and if you are interested, then send me a quick PM here, or email me from the site and I'll put you on the list. So far 25 have been pre-booked (no payment or obligation required though - just for my own interest), so I can only see this as a good sign!

    Cheers guys


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    Off to a great start Joek! A great model and looks like it would be a beaut to paint

    Wish you the best of luck in this venture!

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    Nice ...all the best on your venture

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    Looks good. Best of luck!

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    Well I wish you the very best of success with this venture.
    I like the figure and see it's potential as a Painting piece, however the Skull castle/footrest is the one area I don't like and would need to remove. However lots of people will like it and hopefully enough to get multiple and continued casts made.
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    cool Joek can say i envy you. hope everything work out well

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    Thanks guys! It means a lot that there are at least a few of you out there who like the figure! It certainly makes my decision to do this a worthwhile one!

    I had a trip up to one of the potential casters today. The place is proper cottage industry stuff, but absolutely wonderful - all these resin casts and greens all over the place...literally. However, the one dilemma it's given me, and probably the reason I can't use them for this first figure is two-fold:

    a)They are snowed under with work. I mean lots and lots of it.
    b)Cost to produce. It's within my budget constraints, but higher than another quote I got. They are absolutely worth the money, and I'd use them in a flash, but it does mean that a £10 cost per figure I'm angling for would be a struggle to meet. It's still do-able, but when you're looking at a cast run of 100, it becomes slightly tricky.

    However, costs be damned, it's the time period which is my main beef. HOwever, my back-up casters are the same ones who sculpt Steve Buddell's Eolith figures, and they beautiful too, so I'm still optimistic. I'll be speaking to them again this week, and as luck would have it they are at a model show in Milton Keynes on the 7th Feb, so I can beat them into submission some more!

    I'm desperately impatient though. Everything is actually set up, aside from the sodding products! I actually want to crack on with the next design, but must keep feet on the ground and get this one out and looking as good as I can

    Anyway, thanks again - I'll just point out that out of the 100 planned, 25 have been 'reserved' register your interest now :P

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    Good luck!

    I really hope the casting is a success and they come through at a reasonable price to sell.

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    Congrats on the venture, wish you every success!

    On the choice of sculptor though, I hesitate to mention this but I will since the subject is fresh - might be an idea to use someone in future who doesn't pad their scores on CMON, so that you have a truer idea of the actual popularity of the work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Einion View Post
    Congrats on the venture, wish you every success!

    On the choice of sculptor though, I hesitate to mention this but I will since the subject is fresh - might be an idea to use someone in future who doesn't pad their scores on CMON, so that you have a truer idea of the actual popularity of the work.

    I think it's a valid point, and your thread from last year is very reasonable. I have to say that the reason I went for who I did is that I simply liked Kul's stuff. Throughout all this, I've been in touch with a vast amount of sculptors, but for whatever reason my eyes kept on going back to Kul's work. I kinda took that as the sign I needed to commit to someone. I think the amount of folk who've put in kind words to me about the figure confirms that I made the right choice - certainly I have absolutely no regrets, and I'd commission another from him in a second....well, if I can shift this one

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    Well, whether or not you really 'believe' in the ratings folk give on CMON (and I'm fairly suspect of it most of the time), it's still quite nice to know that the Elf Lord is perched near the top of the charts for the last seven days . Woo - and dare I say it - Hoo!

    Edit: Hastily edited, due to the bugger falling down a peg or two :P . The power of the mouse click - for good or evil I guess
    Last edited by Joek; 01-25-2010 at 04:12 PM.

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    Default I'm in.

    Not ashamed to do this publicly, Joe.

    Put me down for 3.
    1 for me.
    Two earmarked as gifts once painted.

    Best of luck in the venture.
    Proud to say I was there at the start.


    Also suggest you send one of the 100 to your favorite painter
    on here to paint one for CMON display.

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    Really nice mini Joek, very tempted by it. Hope you have a lot of success

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    I hope your business will be succesfull
    You also got mail
    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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    Thats a very nice sculpt by a very good sculptor. If I still painted I would buy it without hesitation.

    Good luck with your little venture :-)

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    Yay! Got the first test casting in the post today. I was speaking to him last Sunday and he was mentioning that he's actually going to redo the mould, as there's a bit of a flaw in there which results in a bigger mould line than he wanted. I probably wouldn't have known any different had he not mentioned it, so really pleased with the Q/C standards! However, I can't tell you how good it feels to actually have a near-production figure in my hands. It seems that the finishing post to this one is nearing!

    Anyway, here's a snap. Ignore the sword a bit though - as resin does, it was a little bit bent. In my eagerness, I put it in a little warm water and then started to straighten it. I really shouldn't have clamped it though :P - probably a bit too strong for the material! Still, nothing that a bit of paint and a little putty won't sort out!

    Anyway, hope you like it:

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    Really good sculpt. Must be great to paint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einion View Post
    Congrats on the venture, wish you every success!

    On the choice of sculptor though, I hesitate to mention this but I will since the subject is fresh - might be an idea to use someone in future who doesn't pad their scores on CMON, so that you have a truer idea of the actual popularity of the work.


    For the record: I've never purchased a mini because it boasted high ratings of the green on CMON. I purchase minis because I like the sculpt. And I think most others do the same.

    We all have individual tastes when it comes to voting with our money.

    As such, I think it's inappropriate to suggest that the choice of sculptor was a bad one because of a suspicion of padded scoring. The fact of the matter is, people will buy it if it's a good sculpt, and they will pass if it isn't. And so far, I think it seems to have shown itself well-received.

    Kul is a solid sculptor. And padding, or lack thereof really doesn't affect his skill or worth one whit when the rubber hits the road. The buck will stop for the mini or it won't and if it sells, it doesn't matter whether the scores are was a good choice on joek's part to hire the man.

    Just my two cents.

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    Can we get a picture of the back of the mini when it's casted?
    From the green the back of the cloak looked very lumpy, lets hope that isn't the case.

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    Actually, it's one of the reasons why I didn't show a shot of the back of this one! There's a mould line through it, which would be fairly straightforward to clean up it's a bit of an effort, so it's why the figure's getting a new mould done. Having said that though it's not too bad. I think part of the reason why the green looked maybe more lumpy than it was is that it looked to be a mix of GS and Milliput in there (or something similar), which on some parts gives it a slightly two-tone colour - this kind of accentuated the bumps and things a little.

    Well, that's my excuse, and I'll be sticking with it

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