and thats how he ruined the roleplaying game......
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Thread: and thats how he ruined the roleplaying game......

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    Default and thats how he ruined the roleplaying game......

    ok so anyone who has dm'ed has had the occasional butthead player... you know the kind who destroy your game if they get a chance and try to find ways around powers and what not. i enjoyed dealing with these malcontents most of the time on the first night by killing their characters. if your a good dm he cant ruin your game. but i digress....

    so that is not what im talking about though. for me the ultimate is when your playing and have spent 3 nights painstakingly playtesting a battle by yourself, you have tons of aids, visuals, laminated maps to a labyrinthine sewage system to fight the big bad and hours of awesome ahead of it and your friends outwit the dm.
    such a thing happened to me, i had a mean game of vampire going on and the guys were after a gargoyle who had broken free of his bond with his sire. he had run rampant and was just evil, but you see the main big bad wasnt him, they were gonna find out he was under control of a baali. (another really bad vamp) who was even more evil. the gargoyle attacks and flys into the sewers and my friends go running in. but then my friend bryan says hold up now. and im like, "bry dude, go in" well he thinks the whole thing is a trap not realizing i have like three maps filled with awesome goody diving. he formulates a plan. within the space of 5 minutes that pretty much ruins the entire adventure. he has a ghouled bat that is his baby, he commands it in with a satchel of thermite grenades laced with waxen poetica (another real nasty thing for vampires), and based on its ability to have echo location, finding the gargoyle. he sent it in. i was like fine. but your gonna blow crap up.

    chance of success, i was like 9 successes of of 9 or higher on 10-sided dice. he had a dice pool of 10. and sure enough the lucky fool pulled it. then i made my secret rolls congratulated bryan on ending the game early and told him his bat definitely didnt make it out. :lol

    anyone else have some stories where the ultimate story turns into the ultimate blunder on the dm's behalf.
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    I haven't often DM'ed, so...there've been a few times when they thought of things I hadn't thought of, but it weren't big things, so they could easy have been worked around. There have been a few 'how the hell could you've been this stupid' as a player, though. Dying in utter humiliation.

    Me, in the above situation(easy to say, right? Since I wasn't there) would've done one of two things. A. 'Sorry, he got away while you were dithering about coming up with your plan' or B. 'You baby whosit died, and didn't have time to set off the grenades' alternatively 'they went off too early'. But, as I said, it's easy to find a solution in hindsight.

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    ass........ hehe.... good one mate.
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    I had a player skip three levels of "Heart of Nightfang Spire" by using his magical axe to cut through the walls to the next set of stairs.
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    completely. but thats half the fun! in my games anything goes - evil, monster PCS, all NPCs are "killable", - ANYTHING (believe me, sometimes i regret it, one of my anti-heroes was a serial killer on the side). the games are fun and spontaneous as a result. i always make sure to have plenty of backup material so when they outsmart me, the adventure can continue!

    ive had a sorc blast an elite squad PCd to nothing in one lucky shot, a minotaur PC toss tons of explosives (literally) off the edge of a cliff to save the mayors manor, had him rip a floor apart to get to the next level of a building, had a psychotic halfling PC murder a core plot character, had him roll a lucky backstab crit and off a boss in one shot....and on and on

    ah! its the game i love though, for exactly that reason - it never fails to surprise me what the PCs think of. ill hav , what i think to be a solid A to B scenario, and they jump to beta.

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    Ah Uber, what fun to spend hours making the best session ever to have a putz do that to you. I had a similer experiances with the original WoD. The worse involved a male daughter of cacophony being "unwillingly pleasured" by a fellow player's Simba bastet. I once had a friend's Tory correct her sire on the proper usage of a word. So he skinned her ghouled pet cat, bound a dictionary with the fur and left it for her with the note to stop being a smart ass.

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    In one play, I have prepared a really huge, big adventure, that would have lasts for months. But my group killed the client, before he could give the job... well yes... 5 minutes and is over... not quite: his ghost haunted them, until the task was fullfilled...

    But the revange should came at the end. After months playing, they finally have found the dragon, who answerd every group member a single question with "yes" oder "no". Everybody started to consult each other to make sure, that they make the right question. Except the teaser (its a class in DSA). He bother the others so long, that he could aks the frist question: "Hey, Mr. wise Dragon. Do you answer my question with No?"

    I tell you guys... this was one situation, I was ALMOST Tagamoga in reality... but the dragon smiled ans flew away and they have to search for another dragon. Dear roleplaying groups: Dont mess up with your master, they can be really nasty, when they are angry!!! *smile* And nastier are a bunch of player, that have been spoiled the end of the story. *evil grin*

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    Ways games have been killed in my lifetime....

    -"Hey guys, mind if I bring the girlfriend along?" When we played at the time we gave away XP (It wa Karma in Marvel Super Heroes) to the loudest and smelliest fart. No, I don't want to give that up while you (foolishly) try to "woo" your new lady by bringing her to a nerdfest where every 10 minutes an argument breaks out over hero (x) should have better stats than the book because in issue (x) he lifted/shot/killed object/villain (x).

    -"Hey Guys, mind if I try running the game for a while?". One campaign, one DM. Handing over the reigns for a couple sessions usually meant whoever was up next spent all there time undoing all the stuff the last person did, and so on. That's a real gear grinder that style.

    -"Hey Guys, let's all switch characters for the night!". Most of my gaming experience was with Marvel Super Heroes. This thing was tried a couple times. First time we did it it meant that the kind of pacifist person that played the Thor character swapped with the real aggressive guy who played Wolverine. So with his knew found stat line and hammer he tried to kill Captain America (My Character) 'cause I was always bossing Wolverine around and I played a real condescending tone with Wolverine. So This guys is using Thor to knock around Captain America and I am trying to help Cap out but I was lucky enough to trade characters with the idiot who fancied himself God's gift to roleplaying. This guy figured EVERY situation could be solved/won by superior comic book style acting, and LOVED having a persona their community theater loving ass could really melt into. Yeah... so there I am using freakin WASP to try and save Captain America from Thor. Meanwhile the Iron Man PC was getting drunk and building a suit of Armor that would fit the character they usually played so they could use it when we switched back next week etc. When I got to run the game again I did the old "It was all a terrible dream..... Wasp loses all her Karma (XP)".

    We had a lot of fun. That was in my mid teens and it all sort of ended when I traded my friends in for better friends! The kind that come in can's or bottles. Actually I am still very close with all of them to this day. Except that retard that WANTED to play Wasp. I hope he's dead.

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    we had a bit of a family game of T&T going on my Dad was DM I played with my sister and 4 friends. One day finnished in a blasing row between my sister and me as I (as a wizard) had been holding the doorward and keeping he foe away with a spell (OGA, oh go away) if I recall, my idiot sister (a fighter) said "I am going to throw my spear at the monster...." Dad as any good DM would had her roll to hit and when she did told her she had just thrown the spear into my back as I filled the doorway... I still have not forgiven her and it still comes up in coversations now.. that was 26 years ago she still does silly things now
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    I hereby declare Exile to have -the- coolest family ever!
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    Playing a set intro adventure in WHFRP the players (Rat catchers all) spend half the in-game drunk off their arses. They stumble through the game, catching rats in the sewers as they go and come upon the nobles basement as they do. They spend the next three hours raiding the basement for booze instead of investigating the area, missing the majority of the plot through virtue of being blind stinking drunk. Instead they mistakenly uncover a chaos ritual in a connecting room to the basement meant for the end adventure, then just barely manage to kill everyone and bring the noble's head to the warden in a sack of dead rats.

    Our Shadowrun DM always had backup jobs for our characters. We tended to ignore jobs offhandedly if they didn't fit our profile (a real interesting one was a VR gamer who wanted to assassinat a ninja-looter :P), and dropped a dirty bomb on the outskirts of Seattle that took out a good portion of the remaining plot and contacts (when catastrophic failure met with catastrophic success when making rolls for contacts)
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    Kill the bat? I know, stinks don't it?
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    your my boogaboo. thanks suki.

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    two guys playing paladins get the idea of running into a group of 30 goblins to kill them...but first they are going to run around them in a circle and pull a rope around them. i tell them to go for it, they go running down hill screaming for their god, running in circles, its when i ask who had the rope they both say to each other "i thought you brought the rope?" we all laugh accept for the two guys who have their entrails removed from their bodies and the goblins play jump rope with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exilesjjb View Post
    we had a bit of a family game of T&T going on
    T&T as in Tunnels and Trolls?! I second Chrome. Coolest. Family. Ever!

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    Default Silly-Buggers RPG-players

    Well, we've had the 'Player-wrecking' thread, and the 'First/Best Char' thread. So, it's only logical(Logical, yeah...) that we have the 'Utterly Stupid Player' thread. So, what have you experienced, or done, that qualifies as 'Wha-F*CK?!' The stuff that, two years later, you STILL go 'What were you THINKING?!' Head of Vecna and the like.

    Me, as I said elsewhere, were playing a ShadowRun campaign where one of the other guys died in the most humiliating way possible. See, in the game, there is something called a 'gyro mount'. Basically, it's a harness with a mechanical 'arm' on which you mount a gun, and it'll help steady it, reducing or negating any movement it makes as you fire it.
    The player bought this thing. And then, being a troll, he mounted a Panther assault cannon on it. During the session, there is a major gun battle in a downtown area. And during the battle, he ends up in an alley. This alley zig-zags in the middle, and one of the corporate goons is heading down it, and around the corner. So, our troll takes off after him, cannon blazing, full speed ahead. He reaches the corner and tries to turn. BUT, the thing is that the mount, at full speed ahead, and with the gun recoiling, tries to negate ALL shifts in direction. Including his.

    So, he runs full-tilt boogie straight into the brick wall. CRUNCH! Result, one unconcious troll. And around the corner peeks the corp goon, sees the knocked-out troll, and walks over. Sticks his Ares Predator up one(large) nostril, and quickly converts sleeping troll into DEAD troll.

    Now, the piece de resistance here is, in the rule book containing the gyro mount...EXACTLY this situation(minus the bullet up the nose) is described. To whit, DON'T RUN AND GUN WITH A GYRO MOUNT. And he did it anyway.

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    I had a Cthulhu game set in a night club where one of the band members turned out to be a zombie. Everyone runs screaming out of the club with the zombie following the panic stricken crowd all except my players who decide it would be a better idea to hide in the toilets. When they emerge I'm all ready for them to start tracking this zombie with his magic trumpet down but instead one of them just said "Hey, we're in a deserted nightclub. Let's steal everything!" After emptying the till and helping themselves to drinks I declare that they have stolen everything that isn't nailed down at which point one of them decides to pull out a screw driver and starts to unscrew the light fittings...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Undave View Post
    I had a Cthulhu game set in a night club where one of the band members turned out to be a zombie.
    I didn't know the Stones did clubs anymore...

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    i once had a character who managed to get the entire party killed within 30 minutes...

    the idiot figured it would be a nice thing to charge a titanic lizard thing, with a gnoll village on it's back, led by a genie (i think).....

    i let him have his fun, by playing out the scenario in an accelerated fashion, ending in: "well, you're all dead..... Now let's pretend this never happened....."

    that said, i've always held that a dm is allowed to cheat ( a little, don't push it), to make the game more interesting and fun for everybody....

    in uber's case, i'd have had the bat hit something on the way in or something, and cause a disastrous explosion 10 foot in , creating a large smoking hole, throwing the PCs back and singeing there hair's or something.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyBoy2k View Post
    T&T as in Tunnels and Trolls?! I second Chrome. Coolest. Family. Ever!
    Yes Tunnel and trolls rocked, moved on to WFBRP which was good fun.
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    As a player the biggest derailment I made was in the old Star Wars RPG. The good one by West End Games. My Bounty hunter had sunk exp and credits into building up his ship, so when an adventure started with the "so, your ship has been compounded and.." I heard nothing else. Didn't give the GM a chance to read anymore of that railroading tripe. Made it clear we could forget about the scenario, getting that ship back was all that mattered.
    Ended up tracking it down to a ships graveyard on some backwater planet. Or rather, tracked down where it should. All I found was the ship's name plaque.And then I vowed if I ever met Jim Bambra (the guy that wrote the scenario) I would visit violence upon him.

    As a (young) GM, ran an intro game of WFRP for my brother and his friend. The friend was apparently blown away by the array of choices available, used to computer games where ones choices are structured to those scripted. He kept on pushing to see if he could find the boundary to those options. He ended up as a Dwarf, in the middle of the street, surrounded by a ring of gunpowder intending to blow himself up. Only, he didn't have anything to make a spark. He asked a passerby for a light who brought forth a lit match. The PC decided life was worth living, and dropped the match behind him as he leapt away.
    I called an end to session at that point, irked at what I considered was taking the piss out of my hobby. If he ever got back to dice crunching with me involved I'd ensure there was mention of a moronic Dwarf arrested for murder, terrorism, and destruction of property. His action had caused a friction between the Dwarves and Imperials, but was due to be executed for his crimes. Kinda how I felt about the player.

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