Hey guys,

i'm going to be doing up a space marine army, and an orc army to sell. This will be done to a high tabletop quality. However, i was wondering what models would be good to choose for this?

I was personally thinking of just getting two Black reach box sets(cost effective!) and then maybe adding some stuff.

Would this make a competitive list? I don't really play the game, but i want the army to appeal to people who do. Any help would be wonderful. (once all this is finalised, i will post some pics on painting it.

Cheers, Gary. Thanks in advance!(Oh and anyone who is part of the wash thing that i'm doing, i'm still tinkering with the formula. And i realized that the last medium i was using, left a big gloopy mess at the bottom of the bottle. So i changed mediums, and now it isn't as matte, but it covers and looks alot better... so i'm still trying to figure out how to make it more matte again, without the gloopy mess! Once i figure this out, i will await bottles in the mail so i can ship these things out to you guys! Cheers!)