Some minis after a century!
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Thread: Some minis after a century!

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    Smile Some minis after a century!

    During Christmas i found time to paint some minis... 4 on all!
    I've find time to make some ugly photos only now, and there they are!

    a converted and painted madchen oktoberfest

    a sexy hasslefree poledancer!

    In real life they're fat better, i must buy a new camera and above all i must learn to do better photos! Smile


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    Not bad, both are pretty clean works. Could use a bit more contrast overall though.

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    Not bad over all. I like the octoberfest mini. The Hasslefree figure has quit a bit of shine on her, me thinks too much varnish perhaps? Wish i had some warning about the nudity however, not something i'd liek to open again when at college.

    Now with more Oni goodness then allowed by the FDA!
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    yeah, i'd have liked a nudity warning as well, as i just opened one at work and it could have ended very badly. ill vote on them when i get home.

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    Not bad ones. But they need to have a bit more contrast, especially on the skins.

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    Many thanks to all !
    Yes, i must concentrate more on contrast, it was hard to take again my brushes... the only problem is that i don't know how much i must wait before trying again!
    Thanks to all!

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    nice work. i like low contrast so they are generally ok for me. the hasslefree girl could do with some matte varnish to get rid of the shine and maybe some extreme highlights in the hair to add to the shine...

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