Converting ogre... some suggestions!
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Thread: Converting ogre... some suggestions!

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    Smile Converting ogre... some suggestions!

    I'm going to convert some ogres bull in order to do a team of blood bowl of Ogres...
    I need especially to do good shoulders with green or white stuff... do you have some suggestions to do them well?
    Cheers and thanks in advance! ^_^

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    Just to clarify: Do you mean shoulders or shoulder pads/protection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avelorn View Post
    Just to clarify: Do you mean shoulders or shoulder pads/protection?
    Ooops, you're right! Shoulder pads! :-)

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    make sure you tidy up the edges as you go along to keep them sharp. also, i wouldn't use straight gs. mix it with milliput or magic sculp so you can keep them clean

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    make a thin plascard templete that way all pads will be the same size.
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    the only plasticard i've is very heavy... i'll try to find on the next a more thin one!
    Many thanks for your suggestions!
    Do you think white stuff could be good for this porpouse?

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    isn't white stuff really rubbery? i would have thought you would want something harder and more brittle than that

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    wouldn't brown be better to give you the sharp edge
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    I'd use semi-cured brown stuff. Roll some brown stuff, Just make a flat basic plate the shape you want it to be(Put it between two oiled pieces of plastic and roll it out to the thickness you want), let it cure for perhaps half an hour. Remove the plastic around then, cut them into the proper size and place them on top of a lit light bulb or any other source of good heat, bend them the way you want them to be, glue in place and then let them cure for real. after that it is much easier to work on the details as well.
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    Default Shoulder Pads

    When I make pauldrons, I usually drill at least one hole into the shoulder, someplace for the putty to take root. I always use Magic Sculpt; it's nice to work with once it cures. Still, while it's wet, you can square up the edges with an X-acto knife. Use a wet brush for smoothing the main shoulder area. Sometimes I like to dab on a few small balls & blend in the edges with a ballpoint sculpting tool, creating bumps (instead of spikes.) Here's an example of one I modified: (Right shoulder)

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